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South Africa’s beautiful city, East London, known for its buoyancy in beaches is a relatively quiet town, especially when compared to South Africa’s other popular cities. Known for its love of cricket and Rugby, the city has a very active sports scene, which is even worth international recognition. The Old Mutual Buffalo marathon which is held annually between February and March and the Washie, South Africa’s oldest extreme ultra marathon which was created by East London’s Buffalo Road Running Club are two of the most internationally popular events.
Located in the Buffalo City Municipality on South Africa’s Southeast coast, the city also hosts the Triathlon and the internationally exposed Ironman 70.3 annual event. Golf, Motor-cross, Surfing, Boxing, Windsurfing, Martial arts (Judo, Aikido, Tai chi, Karate), athletics and sky diving are just a few of the popular sports that attract worldwide recognition to East London, South Africa.
It’s not just about sports, this beautiful city which is mostly nestled between the Nahoon River and the Buffalo River on the Indian Ocean coast, is also home to South Africa’s only river port. It is also the second largest industrial city in the Eastern Cape Province, with its premiere employer being the motor industry.
East London Weather
The weather here is a humid subtropical climate which allows the general average weather of the city. The Weather is characterized by typically warm temperatures and an absence of a definite dry season; however, the winter period here is known to have a ‘drying effect’.
Autumn and spring are normally considered the wettest periods in the year; ironically though, the hottest temperature ever recorded in East London was recorded not during summer but rather in the spring. It is also one of the cities that have recorded snowfall in South Africa.

Accommodation in East London
Due to East London’s sports craze and some of its tourist attractions, which include the East London Museum, East London Zoo, Mpongo Private Game Reserve and Resorts like Glen Eden, Yellowsands, Areena, Queensbury Bay, Cinsta West and Gonubie, finding accommodation is surprisingly easy, considering the amount of tourists it attracts. The growth of East London accommodation is a combined result of urban migration, tourism and a thriving economy.
This industrial haven not only manufactures cars which are then exported to the United States and to Brazil but it also has a firm footing in food processing, textiles and pharmaceutical industries. As a result, necessary adjustments are frequently made to welcoming the migrants that the prospering economy attracts, including ensuring sufficient  accommodations for all.
Many notable South Africans have at one point or another called this city their home, some of which are Mark Andrews the Rugby Player; Philanthropist and Investor, Allan Gray; Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, famed Museum curator; Olympic Champion, Joan Harrison; Mark Boucher, International Cricketer; and Pop sensation of 1970s – The Dealians.
East London Hotels
Due to its international exposure, this town is home to many hotels with all types of favorable pricing from the Blue Lagoon Hotel to the more affordable Road Lodge East London. Other hotels in the region include Hampton Court Guest Lodge, Quarry Lake Inn, Premier Hotel King David, Aristocats Guest House and Appleby’s Guest House – South Africa.
It is exciting to know that because of the influx of guests into the city, finding cheap hotels in East London is not a difficult process, and what’s even better is that the more affordable hotels in East London still manage to possess decorum and class that appeals to everyone.
East London Airport
Transport in and about East London is normally considered efficient with its two national roads, one of which connects it to Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Durban, while the other connects it to Queenstown, Bloemfontein and Aliwal North. However, it is its commercial airport that is rather noteworthy.
The East London Airport connects East London to other bigger South African cities and towns such as Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, making commuting that much easier. Even though the airport is comparably small with only two runways, it receives between 20 to 30 flights everyday and by so doing; it contributes imperatively to the Eastern Cape’s ever growing economy.
This small but growing South African town which isn’t mentioned as often the bigger and more popular cities is easily characterized with a lively atmosphere, enjoyable weather and industrious citizens. East London, then, should definitely be considered as one of South Africa’s more remarkable features.

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