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Denise Zimba is a South African actress, TV personality, recording artist and a dancer. Denise acts the role of ‘Mary Gumede’ in the soap; Generations: The Legacy.

About Denise Zimba

Denise was born on the 10th of November 1988. She is a very talented young lady and above all loves acting (on a lighter note, she hopes to be “the Black Tomb Raider”).

As much as acting comes first to Denise, music has always aroused deep passionate emotions within her; as she now pursues her musical career as a solo recording artist.

Denise started recording music officially at the age of 13 and she has always loved the entertainment world growing up. If she wasn’t at the forefront of the entertainment scene, she would have probably found herself somewhere behind the scenes (Producing, writing or teaching). To Denise, entertainment is the only option and she cannot see herself doing anything else.

Denise has her own entertainment company by the name ‘Zimba Entertainment’ which handles her personal brand.

Denise Zimba’s Education

  • Diploma in Musical Theatre – Tshwane University of Technology | 2010


Denise’s rich background in theater offers her the unique ability to be able to communicate with audiences effectively. She has also performed with the Varga Girls in an electric affair of magnificent choreography and singing.

Denise was also a backing vocalist and dancer for JOZI, which saw them going on various tours together.

Here are some other shows Denise has performed in:

  • Spelling Bee
  • Rent
  • Urinetown

TV Roles and Appearances

  • She plays the role of ‘Mary Gumede’ in the new Generations Legacy

Denise says she loves playing the role of Mary, in her own words she says her character is “crazy!!!!”

  • She was part of a reality show called ‘Fly Chix’ | 2012
  • Presenter on V-Entertainment – Season 5, 6, 7, & 8.
  • She played the role of ‘Princess Jasmine’ in Alladin
  • She played the role of Celeb in Zabalaza – Season 3
  • She featured in an 8ta commercial

Fly Chix

Fly Chix was a show which followed the lives of a number of ladies who were on their way to becoming successful within the hostile environment of the music industry.

  • The question everyone is asking, though; is why did Denise leave?

In her own words, Denise said she left because “There were just different views on things”; but it didn’t stop there. She further went on to highlight the fact that there was so much drama; being the fact that she was the only singer in the group.

“even though the girls knew they were joining a girl group with just one singer”

She felt like they had turned things around against her and in her own words making her look like she was “Bossy, the this and the that!”

Denise Zimba’s Songs and Singles

  • Ass Crack (Single)

Ass Crack was one of Denise’s first single, she dropped the track ‘Ass Crack’ at the age of 16; at that time she thought the name ‘Ass Crack’ was cool.

  • Who Are We (Single)
  • Lunatic (Single)

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