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Cell C is a private mobile and telecommunications company in South Africa.

They offer a wide range of GSM related services and products, pre-paid service, post paid services, voice and date messaging services and many more.

They are also one of the foremost internet service providers in the Country; primarily because the brand is driven by accessibility and affordability.

They are also currently the only South African Mobile Operator to provide free Facebook and other basic internet services in the country.

Since 2012, Cell C has practically tripled its customer base due to its innovativeness and its affordability.

It was also the first company to launch Wi-Fi calling.

And adding to the list of firsts, they are also the first company to offer unlimited Whatsapp usage for the low price of R7.50 per month.

Prior to this, Cell C operated a free promotion for Whatsapp which allowed its customers send pictures, videos, texts, voice messages and whatever else they liked through Whatsapp without charging them.

This literal free unlimited giveaway lasted for almost a year before the R7.50 a month bundle began.

This is a prime example of how Cell C has incorporated services by Over-The-Top (OTT) players like Facebook and Whatsapp, as opposed to South Africa’s other major mobile operators.

Its head office is located in Randburg.

Cell C’s official motto is “The power is in your hands”.

While the official website is www.cellc.co.za

Ownership of Cell C

Know of 3C Telecommunications? I bet you do, but did you know they wholly own Cell C?

Yeah…that’s surprising but true.

More interestingly, Oger Telecom South Africa owns 60% of 3C Telecommunications; CellSAf owns 25%.

Lanun Securities SA (which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Oger – the parent company of Oger Telecom South Africa) owns 15%.

Data Plans

The Company’’s data bundles and data rates are some of the best in the country.

Affordable and accessible, here are some of their data plans

SmartData – 500MB

Monthly Fee – R 39
Data-in-Bundle Rate (MB) – R 0.07
Inclusive Monthly Nite Data – 500 MB
Inclusive Monthly Anytime Data –500 MB

SmartData – 1 GB

Monthly Fee – R 69
Data-in-Bundle Rate (MB) – R 0.06
Inclusive Monthly Nite Data – 1 GB
Inclusive Monthly Anytime Data – 1 GB

SmartData 2GB

Monthly Fee – R 99
Data-in-Bundle Rate (MB) –R 0.04
Inclusive Monthly Nite Data – 2 GB
Inclusive Monthly Anytime Data – 2 GB

SmartData 3GB

Monthly Fee – R 169
Data-in-Bundle Rate (MB) – R 0.04
Inclusive Monthly Nite Data – 3 GB
Inclusive Monthly Anytime Data – 3 GB

SmartData 5GB

Monthly Fee – R 199
Data-in-Bundle Rate (MB) – R 0.03
Inclusive Monthly Nite Data – 5GB
Inclusive Monthly Anytime Data – 5 GB

SmartData 10GB

Monthly Fee – R 349
Data-in-Bundle Rate (MB) – R 0.03
Inclusive Monthly Nite Data –10 GB
Inclusive Monthly Anytime Data –10 GB


As you most you already know, the telecommunications company sponsors quite the variety of events and teams as a means of appealing to all of its customer base.

Some of the teams and events that Cell C sponsors include:

  • E! Live from the Red Carpet
  • Miss South Africa 2015
  • Cell C Johannesburg Polo Classic
  • Cell C Sharks
  • Cell C Playing for Pink Polo
  • Varsity Cup and Varsity Shield Rugby
  • Southern Equatorial Ferrari Automobile Club
  • Varsity Sports


We are thankful that a huge company such as Cell C not only has a corporate side but also a charitable side.

Cell C established a charitable subsidiary in 2011 to support strategic initiatives and in 2013, The Cell C Foundation was launched.

Some of their more prominent campaigns include:

o Cell C Institute of Membership – this links up 40 female children student to 40 powerful and successful South African Women
o It should be noted that since 2012, the female staff in Cell C has gone up to 53% from 47%
o For over a decade, Cell C’s Take a Girl Child To Work Day has been a success; with almost 50,000 female students and 520 companies participating.
o Cell C has also provided 20 bursaries to exceptional female students through the Cell C Girl Child Bursary Fund
o As a component of the Miss World “Beauty With A Purpose” campaign, 2014’s Miss World – Rolene Strauss (Who is also a medical student) – in conuction with Tomorrow Trust and Cell C will go to the means of raising funds to train 100 female doctors.

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