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Capitec bank is one of the well-known banks in South Africa. Established in 2001, the bank has risen to be among the best in the country through efficient and extensive services. Capitec online banking service is one among such services.

After its establishment in 2001 by Michiel Le Roux and Riaan Stassen, the bank got listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) market in 2002. From then on, the bank has kept on growing and today it has over 11, 400 workers in its over 700 branches. Also, the bank has R13.7 billion as shareholders funds as shown by the 2016 financial results in February 2016.

In its inaugural 2016 bank quality rankings, International banking advisory group Lafferty has ranked Capitec Bank as the best bank in the world. This is above banks like Barclays of South Africa, India’s HDFC, USA’s Discover and Malaysia’s Public Bank.

Capitec Online Banking

Capitec online banking offers one of the best banking services in South Africa. The bank’s online services cover everything from opening accounts to switching accounts, loans services, transfer, making payments, confirming transactions, and some form of security activities.

According to Columinate’s SITEisfaction report for 2016, which made a study of over 16,500 clients of Capitec, FNB, Nedbank, Absa and Standard Bank, Capitec online banking is the best. This translates to the bank being the best for online activities followed by FNB.

According to the survey, Capitec emerged the best with 83.8% of its customers believing so. This was a significant leap from its 82.2% rating in 2015.  FNB was second on the chart, polling 79.8% also improving from its 79.3% in 2015. Ned bank was the third. The bank has been rated 75.6%, improving from the 74.8% it garnered in 2015.

Absa and Standard Bank have been placed fourth and fifth in the ranking respectively. Both banks have recorded slight drop from what they achieved in 2015. While Absa moved from 74.8% in 2015 to 74.3% in 2016, the Standard bank moved from 73.7% to 73.0%.

Capitec Internet Banking and Mobile App

Capitec Internet Banking allows one to carry out different transactions without visiting the bank. It allows one to access transaction/savings account, savings plans as well as credit facilities. It also helps in carrying out the following:

  • Make fund Transfers between your accounts
  • Buy airtime, data and SMS bundles from different networks, for self or others
  • View last electricity tokens purchased
  • Add beneficiaries to accounts
  • Add recurring (stop orders) or future-dated payments
  • Add recurring (stop orders) or future-dated transfers
  • Carry out credit facility transfers
  • Stop lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Update daily card limits
  • Save and verify email address for added security
  • View or download statements
  • View or download tax interest certificates
  • View your transaction and payment history
  • Register and maintain SMS Update settings.

Capitec cell phone banking is as well provided as part of the bank’s online banking. This is done through its mobile applications or accessing the banks’ site through one’s mobile phone. With the downloaded Capitec banking app, one can make purchases and payments, transfers and view accounts, view credit activities and pay into a credit account, stop stolen cards and change the remote pin. There are many other activities one can do with the application.

Applications for Capitec mobile phones are provided for all mobile devices including android devices and Windows phones.  More so, the application is free and with MTN, Vodacom, and Cell C networks, subscribers get to pay nothing for data when using the app.

As part of its online services, Capitec bank Vacancies can be accessed on the Internet. This is through the bank’s website where available jobs with the bank are listed. The site also allows one to register for free to be able to apply for various available jobs.

Online Capitec Loan Services

The processes for Capitec loans can be seen and started online as part of the bank’s online services. The bank has a service called  Capitec Loan Calculator or credit calculator, which allows one to know the interest rate for different loan amounts for different duration.

For example through the calculator, one can calculate the interest rate of getting R250,000 for 84 months, which could be 18.65 and 22.40% as seen on the calculator. The calculator will also show one what monthly payment of the loan would be if one wants to pay monthly.

Application for Capitec loans can be done online with the supply of information such as frequency of salary, net salary, monthly expenses, reasons for the need of the loan, employment information as well as personal information.

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