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The city of Cape Town is known for its breathtaking beaches and its amazing weather all year round. It is also the legislative capital of South Africa.

Cape Town is a coastal city located on the shore of Table Bay and was first developed by the Dutch East India Company as a supply station for their ships. The city is famous for its award as one of the best cities in the world.

This city glows with beauty, its splendid beaches and preservation of South Africa’s old architecture makes it speak volumes. Cape Town is a city where most of the world’s best wines are produced, vibrant and colourful with one of the best mountain views at sunrise or sunset.

Cape Town Weather

The Cape Town weather is mostly sunny and mild in temperature. Summer usually starts from mid October all through to mid February. The weather during this time is usually hot and sunny, filling the air with that original earthy, warm air aroma; with spots of some afternoon thunderstorms which clears quickly.

Autumn starts from mid February to April, with some spots of rainfalls. The temperature around this time ranges from 17 °C – 22 °C and rainfall ranging from 17mm – 40 mm. winters starts from May all through to July; this is when Cape Town experiences its rain falls, cloudy days and storms with high winds. Regardless, Cape Town’s winter are much favourable than winters in various countries.

Spring in Cape Town is from August to mid October, as the winter days are forgotten and flowers begin to sprout in a colourful manner. The temperature around this time ranges from 9 °C – 20 °C and rainfall ranging from 35mm – 75mm.

Cape Town Attractions

Cape Town Attractions are favourites to tourists; making the city a top tourist destination. There are a number of places to visit and activities to engage in, a top Cape Town destination is the “Table Mountain”.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain gives you the perfect view of Cape Town. You don’t just come to Table Mountain to climb it or get transported via the cableway; there are tones of activities to do here. Activities such as cycling, horse riding, hiking and trail running/jogging as a group are best experienced at Table Mountain. If you are a lover of the outdoor, this is one place you would love to set camp or lodge at the accommodation packages available.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

With over 25 million visitors, the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway is a popular tourist attraction and admired for its mind blowing engineering. This ride offers its visitors a scenic ride to the top of table Mountain.

University Of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town which has been ranked not just among the best universities in South Africa, but in Africa as a whole; is situated in Western Cape. The university is also one of the oldest universities in Africa, with history as far back as 1829.

Cape Town Airport

Cape Town International airport; the world-class, award winning gateway. Offering both domestic and international flight services, Cape Town Airport is the second largest airport in South Africa and arguably the third most active in Africa.

The airport is a one stop shop to many, as the airport offers direct flights from almost all major countries in the world. The airport which is only 22km away from the city centre, offers a wide range of transport options (Taxi’s, shuttle services and even your very own car rental) from the moment your bags are on the move.

Flights To Cape Town

With such an Airport, there are a number of daily active flights to Cape Town, both domestic and international flights. Some top flights to Cape Town include:

  • South African Airways (which operates only on domestic routes)
  • British Airways, Emirates, KLM and Qatar Airways (which operates on international routes, flying from various top countries), just to highlight a few.

Cape Town Hotels

Cape Town is a city with a wide range of hotel options for every budget. You can find a Cape Town Hotel for every budget, Right from the Cape Town International Airport, all through the city and far deep in the mountain.

Cape Town is also a city famous for its Luxury Boutique Hotels, which offers its guest only the best services and exclusivity available worldwide.