Newly Appointed Chief Whip Sees No Point In Investigating State Capture Claims


The newly appointed chief whip in the Parliament from the African National Congress (ANC) has expressed his notion that he does not see any point in establishing an ad hoc committee to investigate state capture claims.

Opposition parties have been making a clarion call over the past few weeks for a debate to be held in the National Assembly to sort out the alleged Gupta family’s influence over the decisions of the president.

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This call followed the revelation made by deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas that the wealthy Gupta family offered him the opportunity to become the finance minister last year. There were many other allegations brought up against the Guptas

While ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu says he is open to a debate, the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) chief whip’s spokesperson Colin Wardle says there is a need to follow due process. This will help determine the role the Guptas have played in the appointment of Cabinet members.

“Before the end of the first term just over two weeks ago, Parliament tables a motion for the establishment of an ad hoc committee to investigate the Gupta family, their relationship with the presidency and the executive and the role they have allegedly played in some of the Cabinet appointments,” Wardle said.

He expressed hope that a debate will lead to the establishment of an ad hoc committee to investigate these allegations of state capture.

“Once Parliament resumes and the programming committee starts sitting again, we will have a date for when the motion will be brought before the National Assembly. Once it has reached the National Assembly there will be a debate on the motion itself, followed right after by a vote by the house.”

In a statement last week, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said people were ‘streaming in’ in their numbers to Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe’s office to present their evidence of state capture claims for the party to investigate.

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He said the ANC will not rely on rumors but will investigate the allegations through Mantashe’s office.

Ramaphosa added that the Gupta family has agreed to render full cooperation in the investigations and have promised to present whatever facts they may have on the table to trash the recent state capture claims.

He presented the fact that apart from the Guptas, there are others who want to use the ruling party to advance their corporate interests and called for time and space to handle the allegations.