New Movement BLF Says Whites In Sandton Must Share Empty Rooms With Homeless


Black Consciousness Activist and former EFF MP Andile Mngxitama has pioneered a new movement. The movement – Black First Land First (BLF) was birthed in South Africa last weekend.

The pro-black movement was first heard nine months ago from Mngxitama, after he was prematurely expelled by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

However, it is still unclear whether the new movement would pit its political weight against other political parties. While relatively new, the BLF has been peddling its agenda through Black Opinion – an Mngxitama site widely perceived as pro-Gupta, pro-Zuma.

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Speaking to reporters on Friday, BLF national convener, Mngxitama said that the movement’s national leadership plans to lay down proposals for delegates to join the political arena.

“We will use politics to end politics. The purpose of the movement is to overthrow white supremacy and to win back the land. We want to occupy the land, there is no solution outside of that,” he said.

On Saturday, the newly formed movement pulled about 300 persons to Uncle Tom’s community hall in Orlando West, Soweto. Mngxitama, who addressed the delegates apologized for the absence of some people who missed out because of transportation challenges.

The leader, who appeared to be radical and strong-willed told delegates, “Members of BLF, you must get arrested. You are not a real member if you have not been arrested. You must feel the sting of a rubber bullet and teargas; that is where the struggle is. Not in Parliament.”

BLF Proposals

In addition, Mngxitama said the Black Agenda BLF vision  is for poor black people liberated. He then presented a series of “innovative proposals” on education, food security and others.

First, BLF proposed a minimum wage of R12 500 across the board for all sectors. Another proposal seeks to see vacant rooms in Sandton homes sub-divided for the homeless.

The party believes that it is not fair that some rich people in Sandton have ten bedrooms while others are homeless. Hence, the need to tax people who have unoccupied rooms and then use the money for housing those without.

Mngxitama asserted that “White people are always saying they are happy to live with us, this is the perfect opportunity to prove that.”

On food security, Mngxitama expressed disappointment that South Africans were being fed unhealthy chicken from the United States and for this, too, whites were to blame.

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“On food security we have made it clear we will eat our own stuff. We are unwell because white people are poisoning all the food we eat and their medication makes us dependent,” he said.

Speaking also at the launching ceremony, Pastor Skosana said, “the organizing idea of the Black Agenda we are launching today is that free the mind, take the land.”

Meanwhile, BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that BLF is willing to go into coalition with any political party in order to achieve their proposals.

However, it said parties of “whiteness,” including the Democratic Alliance and the Freedom Front Plus are not inclusive in its coalition plans.