Condom Company Unveils A Fun And Safe Adventure With Lelo Hex


Renowned adult company Lelo which is popular in the production of sex toys is about to hit the market with a newly invented condom – Lelo Hex endorsed by Charlie Sheen.

This new brand of hexagon-heavy condom design aims at making adult playtime safer and more fun. The company also boasts of being the first to effect a major change to condom design over the past 70 years with it latest launch of the new Lelo Hex.

The new condom design which the company said “aims to change the way the world views safe sex,” had been in development since 2011.

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This new condom design will not only be available but will also encourage safe sex by appealing to the user which is one way Lelo believes that people will agree to safe sex and the use of condoms.

The extraordinary features of the Lelo Hex has changed the regular structure of the condom, paving way for extra flexibility, allowing it to mold to the skin for extra comfort during sex.

The unique webbed texture of the shaft helps in preventing slippage by combining both thinness and strength for sensitivity while reducing the risks of breakage.

The new design described as powerful and robust has the full support of American actor Charlie Sheen, who has been featured on the new brand’s website encouraging condom use and supporting Lelo and the efforts the company is putting in to revolutionize condom.

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Shipment of the new brand will commence on August 15, 2016, while the condoms will be made available to pre-order now from Lelo’s website at a reduced price of 12€ for a box of 12, which means a 40% discount for those that are curious to explore the new design.