Why You Should Never Pursue Perfection


Too many people seem obsessed with perfection these days. From getting the perfect job to the perfect car to the perfect body and the perfect significant other.

Ideally, it might seem like the perfect motivation to achieve your goals, realistically – it has more ups and downs than it is worth.

Here are a few reasons why you should never pursue perfection.

1. There is No Finish Line

With perfectionists, it is hard to ever get to the finish line because when they complete a project, they will always find new ways to make it ‘better’. It makes it hard to ever truly complete any task.

2. No Creativity

There is no place for imagination and creativity in the world of perfectionists. Their lives are rooted in facts and reality – not ‘what could be’ but rather, ‘what is’. This can prove to be a limitation as creativity and imagination lead to innovation which in turn leads to success.

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 3. It is Stressful

perfect 2

Constantly worrying about perfecting everything has its way of taking a stressful toll on any person. Nothing will ever be considered good enough, and not only is this stressful – it is also depressing.

4. You Are Critical Of Everyone And Everything

Because you are always striving to be perfect, you notice every imperfection in the situations and the people around you. To pursue perfection, you have to be a harsh judge which you turn on the people and situations around you whether it is necessary or not.

5. You Always Stay In The Safe Zone

Part of what makes life worth living are the risks you take. If you don’t take risks, you have no idea the rewards you might be missing out on. But with perfectionists, they never take risks because they are afraid of undertaking an unknown circumstance and failing at it. They don’t see failure as a learning opportunity but rather an imperfect stain on their otherwise perfect ambition.

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6. You Carry The Weight Of The World

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You find yourself burdened with a lot because you refuse to delegate. You believe no one will do the job as well as you so you force yourself to take on all the burdens. This contributes to the stressful life mentioned above.

7. Everything Is Personal

A perfectionist never accepts that things just are. If things go well, it is their doing; if it goes wrong, it is their fault. All of this adds to the way they see themselves. Constructive criticisms never goes down well with perfectionists because it makes them feel judged and as though they are not doing enough. This is honestly no way to live.

8. Rest is for the Dead

Perfectionists are incapable of resting. There is the belief that they can only rest when the job is handled but as mentioned earlier, the job is never done. Their minds will be constantly spinning on how to to make things better, how to make things ‘perfect’ and most of their actions will be geared towards achieving this, whatever the goal or job they have on the horizon and as soon one job ends, another begins and the cycle continues.