NERSA Insists That 9.4% Hike For Eskom Was Approved After Hearing Public Opinion


The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has said that it put into consideration all the views and opinions of the public before approving the recent hike of more than 9 percent electricity increase for Eskom.

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NERSA insists it took into account the views of the public before approving the hike for Eskom. They probably did not take note that South Africans are facing a lot of issues presently including the heavy effect of drought and the continuous fall of the rand in the exchange market.

NERSA approved the 9.4% hike for Eskom on 1st March 2016.

For those who pay for electricity supply directly from Eskom, the new tariff will take effect from the first day of April, while that of municipal tariff hikes will take effect in July.

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In a briefing in the Parliament yesterday, NERSA told Parliament’s energy committee that the decision to hike Eskom prices was taken after serious consideration of affordability and sustainability. This decision was based on the response from the public when the matter was presented to them.

The regulator Thembani Bukula said, “we’ve listened to the public, we’ve listened to most of the things that they’ve said, some we knew, some we didn’t know. But in making the decision we’ve taken into consideration issues of affordability and issues of sustainability.”

With the approved hike taking effect from April 1, Eskom would be able to recover R11.2 billion from standard tariff customers, Nersa chairman Jacob Modise announced.

Eskom was reported to have submitted an application to Nersa in November last year to recover R22.8bn, which the utility said it used to avert load shedding and possible power outage.

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