‘Nelson Mandela Is’nt A Hero, But A Bitter Chauvinist’ – Ntsiki Mazwai


If there’s anybody who isn’t scared to voice her opinion, disregarding the extent to which it contradicts popular view, it’s Ntsiki, Ntsiki Mazwai. So, if we’re ever in need to speak up on what’s fair to say, but not too pleasant to voice, we’ll have to make Mazwai the spokesperson. She literally, doesn’t hold back.

The artist was commenting on the recent battle between late Mandela’s wives when she like often, said something most would regard as a blasphemous utterance.

Winnie Madikizela was verbally attacked by many after she launched a claim to Mandela’s Qunu house at the Mthatha High Court. According to Winnie, the property was given to her by some tribal authority when Mandela was having his long walk.

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Commenting, Mazwai attacked the late hero, Nelson Mandela tweeting among other things, that he’s not a hero, but a bitter chauvinist who was wrongly chosen to lead South Africa.

We chose the wrong Mandela as president…Madiba was ALWAYS weaker than Winnie. Nelson Mandela is no hero to me, (he’s) just a chauvinist who oppressed Madikizela.

“I resent Madiba because of what he did to Winnie. He was so bitter and wanted to humiliate her with this will. What an ungrateful bitter man…Winnie made the Mandela name an international name…and he (Mandela) was too bitter to give her a simple house…Says a lot about him,” Mazwai ranted.

She pointed out that the nation ought to regard Winnie more for her deeds. “I find it VERY provocative when Winnie Mandela is under fire…makes me pissed off as hell. Isn’t it enough that we haven’t thanked her,” she asked.

She then related that “Winnie Mandela should have been born in a time where people were of her calibre…This country was never good enough for Winnie Mandela…she deserves better than us ungrateful non thinkers who always submit. It’s shameful and bad enough that we haven’t given Winnie her dues…”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Mazwai hinted that Nelson Mandela stole Winnie’s glory. In a previous piece about Winnie, she wrote;

“We don’t understand why another man would go to prison and yet you continue to be crucified…The sense of grace with which you spent a lifetime in forced silence, for things you left unsaid has been awe inspiring…This country could have been greater President Mandela…during the struggle you were our number 1 ‘Guri Guri Girl!’ When it was time to go to war, men hid behind you.”

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