Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor-Elect Promises Not To Purge Old Staff


Contrary to several speculations, Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor-elect Athol Trollip has promised not to purge municipal staff.

This is in anticipation of when he takes the reign in the African National Congress (ANC)-run metro.

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However, he warned that his administration will not tolerate anyone implicated in any form of corruption or misconduct.

Trollip’s party, the Democratic Alliance (DA) won 57 seats in Council according to Wednesday’s local government elections results.

Though the DA surpassed the ruling party to emerge as the largest party in the metro, it still has to forge a coalition to govern.

Trollip made his promise official when he wrote a letter to municipal staff earlier this week. In the letter, he assured them that a DA-led government is not a threat to their jobs.

Nevertheless, warned that there will be a process the officials will have to pass through to ascertain their credibility.

“Now if you were irregularly appointed, you can’t work for the city, and if you’ve been implicated in any corruption you’ll have to answer for that.”

On assumption of duty as mayor, Trollip says one of his first moves will be to rearrange the municipality’s budget. This is a move through which the Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor-elect hopes to put things in order of priority.

“The current government has not paid enough attention to infrastructure maintenance and development, we can’t attract investment into the city and create jobs if we don’t have infrastructure that will sustain economic development.”

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Meanwhile, the DA needs an additional four seats in council to govern the metro. Within two weeks, the party must make arrangements to establish a government in the metro.

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) in Nelson Mandela Bay says it’s looking forward to a coalition government with the DA.