NEC Is ‘Firmly Convinced ANC Will Win 2016 Local Government Elections’


The ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) says the ANC will decisively win the 2016 local government elections because South Africans are cool with the leadership of the ANC.

In a statement the ANC NEC issued after it’s weekend meeting following allegations about the Gupta family influence on South African government, the national executive committee of the ruling party said South Africans are confident in the leadership of the ANC and that the party will perform good in the 2016 local government elections.

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To NEC, the citizens of the country are fully aware of ANC’s “record of delivery and its commitment to the people of South Africa and their well-being… NEC is firmly convinced that the ANC will win the 2016 Local Government Elections decisively,” they stated.

Acknowledging that the nation is challenged by weak economic growth, unemployment, high inflation and inequality, NEC argued that these challenges “are exacerbated by the current drought and water shortages.”

But then, related that their government is committed to resolving the challenges via programs designed to aim “at creating jobs, reducing inequality, fostering sound relationships with stakeholders and improving labor relations.

The ANC is confident that our policies and practices, as well as government’s economic actions, will contribute to reversing our present economic challenges and will ensure that we continue to give leadership to our country’s economic turnaround.

This will be done in partnership with all social partners, including labor and business,” ANC NEC added.

With that, they called on South Africans to re-affirmed their registration and take part in the 2016 local government elections revealing that they’ve “resolved that the ANC will announce mayoral candidates for metro and some other municipalities prior to the Local Government Elections.”

Also, they directed that “the REC should make recommendations of not more than three names of cadres in order of priority, who should be considered for mayor-ship” at local government level.

The PEC as related, “will make a final decision based on a pool of names submitted by the REC, (and) those members of either the REC or PEC who are being considered for deployment should recuse themselves when decisions affecting them are taken,” NEC instructed.

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