Ndlozi Slammed For His Comments About Black Consciousness


EFF MP and national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has been severely slammed for making comments about black consciousness.

Ndlozi who took to his twitter handle to air his view about fight for racial balance, came under fire from activist and former EFF member Andile Mngxitama, as well as others who see him as a mouthpiece for the white race.

Ndlozi argued that black consciousness is not “merely being black skinned”, but a “mental attitude”. He argued that “to fight for black people is not a matter of colour”.

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Ndlozi argued also argued that black people needed to fight for themselves, “but the mere fact of their being black is no sign that they will fight for blackness!”

“Merely by being black-skinned it doesn’t make u black conscious! To fight for black people is not a matter of color; it’s a mental attitude!” wrote Ndlozi on Twitter.

“Black people have to fight for themselves, but the mere fact of their being black is no sign that they will fight for blackness!

“The illusion that we must fast disabuse ourselves from is to think that merely being black means a person will fight for black people!” he said.

This argument did not settle well with Black First Land First (BLF) leader Mngxitama, who refers himself as Bikoist, coined after the surname of Black Consciousness Movement founder Steve Biko.

For him and other BLF supporters, black consciousness is about “blacks only”, “we reject whites from black struggles” they added.

“That’s your bc [Black Consciousness] from London chief. Steve Biko’s Black Consciousness is about BLACKS ONLY,” said Mngxitama in response to the EFF MP.

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Another BLF member, Ncedisa Mpemnyama, responded to  Ndlozi, saying: “Biko of ndlozi is a Biko divorced from his soul-his politics. His a gobho-gobho Biko”, adding that:

He also referred Ndlozi as the crow bar of whites whose invitation of the whites in black struggles will not be accepted.