Malema, The People’s Bae And AKA Engage In A War Of Tweets


The national spokesman of the Economic Freedom Fighters Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, fondly called The People’s Bae has blatantly condemned the comments made by South African rapper AKA that he would be snubbing offers to perform at the EFF and DA political rallies.

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Mbuyiseni Ndlozi came out strongly against the social media comments made by AKA on boycotting all political rallies of parties that he does not support, saying he will only support and perform for the ANC which he believes is the best option for the country. Ndlozi described such comments as ‘unartistic’


“The ANC is faaaaar from perfect, but I firmly believe it’s the only political party with the credentials and policies to lead our country,” the rapper tweeted.

The rapper’s series of tweets explained that he had been approached to perform at DA and EFF events, but had turned them down as he boasted “I realized I don’t need the money that bad.”

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni has added his ‘angel’s voice’ to others to hit back at the rapper, saying that AKA should have thought of his fans in the EFF before he made his decision to take parts, accusing him of neglecting his fans.

Ndlozi tweeted:

~ The point is not for artists to choose sides, because their music which in @akaworldwide case is really not political. U hav fans in EFF too

~I hav no problem with @akaworldwide membership of ANC. I support the right to affiliate. But why boycott EFF when many fighters buy yo music

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In response to criticisms from the People’s Bae, AKA tweeted:


This caught the attention of EFF leader Malema who responded, “Be specific because people will think there’s a collective position against you by us, we have not arrived at that yet,” Julius tweeted, followed by other tweets.