EFF’s Ndlozi And DA’s Steenhuisen Roast ‘Moemish’ Mbalula In Fresh Standoff


National spokesperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has lashed out at Minister of Sport and Recreation Mr. Mbalula for ‘celebrating’ the use of bouncers in parliament.

On Thursday, Mbalula took to Twitter and said he regretted Parliament had insufficient bouncers to deal with worst behaviours and attitudes of some Member of Parliament.

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Though he didn’t mention the name of any politician or political party, it was so apparent that he made reference to the number of occasions the EFF had several fights and scuffles with Parliament bouncers.

Mbalula wrote: “2016 has been like some party in parliament, disruptive, disrespectful and always on its worst behaviour. We lacked bouncers to chuck it out.”

In reply, fighter Ndlozi slammed Mr. Mbalula for being a “moesh” a in a series of tweets.

Taking on the minister, the fighter said “No age in our politics has been more haunted by sheer moemishness than our own! If politics is sound argument – how do we argue with moesh?”

He added:

“Isn’t it true that he’ll be remembered as ‘razzmatazz’ – meaning that he could turn a good moemish moment into plenty ones?”

“This minister celebrates usage of bouncers in parly all in protection of a moemish regime: from weekend special to state of capture report?

“The audacity of his tweet is itself no better evidence of his zombification by the moemish he fought so hard against in the past.”

“If Trump & Schwarzenegger could move from entertainment to politics; perhaps they left an open-door 4 this minister to make d opposite move.”

Ndlozi was also supported by Chief whip of the Democratic Alliance (DA) John Steenhuisen, who criticised Mr. Mbalula for belittling and ridiculing parliament in such a pitiable manner.

Steenhuisen wrote: “How would he know? he’s never there anyway- ran away from both his oral question sessions this year.”

Since their emergence in Parliament, EFF MPs  have had fights with Parliament bouncers. In most cases, the fighters resisted peaceful removal, thus, stirring up violence and tussle with Parliament protection guard, more commonly known as the ‘white shirts’.

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In February, the fighters were removed by bouncers during SONA 2016 for disrupting Zuma’s speech. In May, they were also thrown out for describing President Zuma as an “illegitimate president”.

Earlier in May, some EFF MPs were physically removed by security after disrupting the Presidency budget vote debate.