EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi Contradicts Thabo Mbeki’s Statue Speech


The National Spokesperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has flawed former President Thabo Mbeki’s speech on #StatuesMustFall.

This comes after Mbeki, on Thursday, at the University of Mpumalanga, slammed the #StatuesMustFall movement; for back-pedalling efforts to address “the real challenges” facing the country’s historical advancement.

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Validating his assertion, Mbeki argued that uprooting the symbol and statue of apartheid leaders doesn’t erase the past. He labeled the so-called movement a “pretence” and “a show” that  leads to failure and non-fulfillment of the country’s historical legacy.

“You can’t say that by removing the statue of Paul Kruger you; therefore removed that past, you haven’t,” he insisted.

Mbeki, made this known at “The Thabo Mbeki I know Book Roadshow”. He, however, urged the movement to build “our own statues, heroes and heroines, just like we created our own history” rather than pulling down statues of former prominent leaders.

He recalled how a lady expressed uneasiness with the sculptures of Jan Smuts and Jan van Riebeeck at the Unions Buildings; when he was at the helm of affairs in the country.

Mbeki said, at last, he was able to convince her that Jan van Riebeeck, Jan Smuts carvings were part of South Africa’s history; therefore, the carvings should not be removed.

“….She said to me, ‘how could you do that, how could you leave those things there’? So I say but why not? ‘No no no, but those people were bad – Jan van Riebeeck, Jan Smuts!’

So I say to her, they are part of our history, we have created our own history; we’ve got our own heroes and heroines, why don’t we build our own statues in addition instead of saying remove this and that,” he recalled.

Ndlozi Weighs In On #StatuesMustFall Movement

Impugning Mbeki’s speech, EFF’s Ndlozi took to Twitter to air his candid opinion about the #StatuesMustFall saga. According to him, Mbeki’s assertions hold no water; because “the purpose of statue is not studying history but about celebrating it.”

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He further argued that uprooting carvings from public spaces do not mean erasing history, rather it means reshaping the present public space.

“Imagine a statue of Bin Laden in the middle of New York City all cause they insist on remembering history/the past. Okay since it’s of the past: let’s build a statue of Dimitri Tsafendas and donate it to Hendrix Verwoed’s family as a sign of remembering the past,” he wrote sarcastically.

Ndlozi is currently on study leave. He is expected to join his colleagues on November 1 when his study would have ended.

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