Ndileka Mandela: This Madiba’s Descent Will Help Dig ANC’s Grave In 2019


The African National Congress (ANC) is now all about scandals, billions of rands are being wasted and there’s absolutely no accountability.

For these and other reasons, Ndileka Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s eldest granddaughter has decided to discard the ruling party. She’ll help dig ANC’s grave come 2019.

This is according to a News24 report which related that the Madiba’s descent has proclaimed that she wouldn’t be voting for ANC anymore.

To Ndileka Mandela, ANC has been consistently disappointment for a long time. She’s given the party enough time to clean up its mess but, the social grant crisis and Life Esidimeni tragedy have shown her that the party is only interested in getting messier.

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Ndileka was quoted to have said:

“This is how I feel. I am highly upset and this is not a decision that has been made out of anger.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and it’s been a build-up. But, the tipping point has been Life Esidimeni and the Sassa scenario.”

Ndileka Mandela stressed that the social grants payment issues made it difficult for her to hold on to ANC.

She said: “(I) just couldn’t take it anymore. When you try and source funding to do worthwhile projects in rural areas, you get frustrated and you don’t win. Yet money is being wasted, billions of rand, if you look at the CPS scenario.”

However, she asserted that the ANC policies are very sound. The frustration is the inability to implement them, she identified.

“For me, it’s a problem of accountability; when you get certain departments not being accountable to the people. It’s one scandal after the next and there’s no accountability…Our people suffer for it,” she wailed.

Commenting on the belief that her granddad would be disappointed in her for dumping the ANC, Ndileka Mandela upheld that “nobody can speak on behalf of” Madiba.

“Nobody can actually articulate how granddad felt across the board, not just as a politician but as a father (and) as a family man. So you can’t tell me he would be disappointed.

“I get very incensed with people who think they knew my grandfather more than his own family did,” Ndileka added.

With that, she reminded South Africans that Mandela once said: “If the ANC does what the apartheid government did, you must vote them out of power.”

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Wondering who she’ll be voting for in 2019 huh? Ndileka is yet to decide. She remarked that she’s yet to decide the party to give her support. But then, hinted that it’ll be a party with the passion for rebuilding bleeding rural areas.

She expressed that a healthy agricultural sector would offer work and a good standard of living to South Africans living in rural communities.

Above all, Ndileka Mandela reiterated that the decision to discard ANC was a difficult one.

“It’s so painful, it’s like wrenching my heart out of my soul, to be able to utter what I’m saying.

“But my point stays. I will not be voting for something that does not resonate with me anymore and does not resonate for what granddad and his comrades fought for,” Ndileka finished.