The Battle Line Is Drawn: Nasty C Vs Malinga Gets Nasty!


Nasty C Vs Malinga: So, it all started when the veteran musician (Malinga) took to Twitter to bare his thoughts on the Metro FM Song of the Year Award that went to the young rapper (Nasty C).

Accordingly, the veteran musician stormed out with his guns aimed at Nasty C and his Metro FM Song of the Year award. Apparently, Dr Malinga did not take the result of the Metro FM Awards loss very well.

Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Malinga threw a massive shade at Nasty C while also commenting on what is currently happening at Mabala Noise with Riky Rick.

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In a series of tweets, Malinga compared Nasty C to a pawn shop, saying that the young rapper was in fact, keeping things that “do not belong to him.”

“Nasty C is like a pawn shop keeping things that do not belong to him, lol, Mabala Noise,” he wrote.

Apparently, Nasty C was watching the whole drama as he took to Instagram with a video shading a certain hater who isn’t happy about his success.

Without mentioning names, he called him a “gimmick and a publicity stunt.” And though he didn’t Malinga, Nasty’s references to his hater’s “green shorts up to his man boobs” and “pretending to kick down planes on stage” left fans no choice than to conclude he was referring to the veteran.

Watch the Nasty C vs Malinga video and be the judge;

Meanwhile, tweeps pointed out that Akulaleki hitmaker Dr Malinga appears to be bitter over Nasty C’s win at the metros. Particularly, they called him out for beefing with a boy who is young enough to be his son.

The drama is about to get even more interesting. Watch this space for more.