Nasty C Enlightens Us On Why He Chose Mabala Noise Over Jay Z


Now we know why Nasty C never pushed through with his supposed meeting with the big shots at Jaz Z’s label Roc Nation back in May.

The young star was supposed to discuss a deal with the entertainment company, next thing we heard was that he joined Mabala Noise.

In an interview on 5FM on Thursday‚ Nasty C explained what actually happened. Apparently, he had a meeting scheduled with Roc Nation‚ but along the line, he signed with Mabala Noise before he even met with Jay Z’s guys.

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At least, he’s happy with where he is right now. To the young rapper, Mabala Noise was a dream come true.

“Mabala Noise was the move that I wanted to make. So‚ regardless of what Roc Nation had to say…I don’t think it really mattered‚” Nasty C said.

Besides, Mabala Noise dangled an offer he just couldn’t turn down.

“I’m happy with what I got. It wasn’t a 360 deal. It wasn’t a random artist deal. It was something that I always wanted. I always said: ‘If I sign‚ it will be under these terms’‚ and Mabala brought those terms‚” he added.

When the rapper first revealed that Jay Z’s label was seeking to make a deal with him, fans were over the moon. Nevertheless, Nasty didn’t let his excitement get ahead of him. No doubt he liked the idea of rolling with the big guns, but the rapper said Roc Nation would need to make a special offer to tempt him to sign a record deal with them.

In addition, he was being cautious not to get blindsided.

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“I don’t want an average Roc Nation contract. I don’t want a set standard record deal. I want something different.

I’ve seen the language they use in contracts and I’ve seen enough people get blindsided so I’m cautious about contracts. Maybe I’ve just got my guard up‚” he said.

Meanwhile, Nasty C’s management; Mabala Noise confirmed that the rapper is currently collaborating with US actor and musician Omari Hardwick.