Naledi Pandor Says Maimane Will Not Be Able To Defeat ANC With His Fairy Tales


The South African Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor on Wednesday said that the official ANC opposition had been wasting the last two days of the State of the Nation address debate on creating fairy tales.

She made the statement with all fingers pointing at DA leader Mmusi Maimane who she accused of composing fairy tales full of monsters out of a figment of his own imagination.

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“They live on a planet of their own making, where their leader composes fairy tales full of monsters that are a figment of his imagination,” she said with reference to DA leader Mmusi Maimane.

Speaking on Tuesday, Maimane described President Jacob Zuma as one who lived in a ‘galaxy far, far away’, on ‘Planet Zuma’. Naledi Pandor interpreted this statement as a move by the opposition to create the impression that they will take away power from the ANC one day.

“He tried to use fairy tales as his ‘let’s pretend I will rule one day,” Naledi Pandor said.

She further declared that “Maimane was fooling no one, including himself and that as much as he and his party tried, they would not be able to defeat the ANC”.

“He has huffed, he has puffed, and he has blown nothing down. The ANC will not be blown down, it is made of sterner stuff,” she said.

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Naledi Pandor did not relent in criticising the state of the Western Cape, the only province the DA governed.

From her perspective, Maimane saw the province as a “sea of success and tranquility”. While out there, people in areas such as Khayelitsha were living in abject poverty while mothers in Hanover Park were losing their children to gangs as a result of unemployment.

Lets see what Maimane’s fantasy world yields for the party in the future.

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