Homophobic Abuse: Nakhane Touré On The Backlashes He Got For Playing A Gay Role


Singer and actor Nakhane Touré is unfazed amidst backlashes and homophobic messages he received following his role as a gay man in a film.

Apparently, most people didn’t like the fact that he played a young gay man in the cultural coming of age film The Wound. Thus, they have inundated his life with stinging homophobic messages.

And though he expected such reaction from the public, he didn’t know it will be so serious that his mom will be affected too.

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Nakhane plays the lead in the film about Xhosa initiation rituals and same-sex desires. In a recent interview, he expressed dismay at how much hate he got after starring in the film.

“I had prepared myself for a backlash of some sort, but I didn’t know it would be quite this homophobic. I knew it would be cultural and that people would be mad about that, but not this homophobia. I mean, people are swearing at my mom. I’m like ‘what did she do?’. But I kind of understand why people are mad; why they’re so defensive of their culture. It is, after all, their culture. But it is also my culture,” Nakhane said.

While some accused him of being “greedy for money” and selling his culture out, Nakhane was committed to the project and its ideals and isn’t ready to give it up because of what people say.

Speaking to a tabloid on the issue, Nakhane emphasised on the role the film will play in the society.

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“I feel like this is a sensitive but crucial story to tell. It highlights things that are often not talked about in our culture but it should be. I tried to treat it with the utmost respect and integrity while still trying to open the debate about the issue. It is only by interrogating culture that we grow and better ourselves,” Nakhane said.

To him, the film was important to start a dialogue on some of the cultural taboos in South Africa.