Naima Kay Reasures Fans She’s Not Migrating To Mabala Noise


After rocking a Mabala Noise jacket, singer Naima Kay kinda solved a mystery case on social media which led to the conclusion that she has been signed by the label.

Earlier this year, Mabala Noise went on a recruitment spree and signed almost everyone in the music industry. As a result, fans were always on the lookout to decipher which artist is joining the label next. Thus, as soon Naima was spotted donning the Mabala jacket, she quickly became the latest Mabala Noise intake.


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However, it turns the case will have to remain unsolved for now as the singer has rubbished all speculations. Singer Naima Kay revealed that she was only wearing a gift from a friend who works for the label.

Naima said in an interview earlier this week;

“The jacket was a gift from a friend who works for the label. I’m still with Touch Africa (my record label) and I have recorded my third album, which will be on the shelves by the end of this month.”

Though she would be interested in working with some Mabala stars, Naima reassured fans that she has no plans of migrating to the label anytime soon.

Furthermore, Mabala Noise Entertainment confirmed that the rumors were not true in any way. Nonetheless, the label admired Naima Kay as an artist.

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Mabala Noise publicist Tumi Moatse said:

“Naima Kay is not joining the label. Sometimes our artists socialise or even work with talent from other labels. We encourage them to do so and to share their creativity.”

The label was pushed under the spotlight earlier this year for allegedly lavishing money on artists. But, some of the artist who allegedly got up to R5million refuted such claims.