Manyi Knows The Truth Behind Incessant Attacks On President Zuma


One of President Jacob Zuma’s most vocal supporter Mzwanele Manyi has taken the lid off on why the president is being attacked from all angles.

Against the backdrop that Zuma is being criticized for failing to protect the constitutional rights and provisions made in the interest of the masses, the tireless presidential defense spokesperson said the internal attacks hold no water.

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According to Manyi, Zuma is going through ‘bad’ times in his political career simply because he refused to be a “puppet”. The former Cabinet spokesperson alleged that the West has been orchestrating the president’s downfall because he refused to kowtow to their superiority.

So for him, Zuma’s brave and outstanding courage in the face of these pitiable moments makes him a transformation champion.

“The reason President Zuma is being attacked is because he is not a puppet of the West. He is a Transformation champion,” Mzwanele Manyi said.

As for EFF’s Dali Mpho, who called on the ANC to retain Zuma as its party leader but discard him as South Africa’s president, Manyi said the ANC NWC can never trash Zuma – not for anything.

On Monday, EFF’s Mpho sarcastically posted that he was not surprised that the ANC couldn’t ask Zuma to step down at a meeting the ruling party held in Pretoria.

He said the veteran’s decision to resolve their differences and mollycoddle Zuma could be the last straw that would break the camel’s back.

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He, however, admitted that opposition parties, especially the EFF, would be glad to have Zuma as ANC leader and not South Africa’s leader.

“Long Live the wise veterans …  Sometimes when you love something you just let it die peacefully and rest in peace #ANCVeteransOptForEuthanasia.

“Word of advice to those disappointed by the failed bid of #ANCStalwarts: At this stage, the patient doesn’t need a doctor but an undertaker,” he wrote on Twitter.

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