SA Parties Must Reveal Where They Get Their Funds


Reports have it that a civil society organization – MY Vote Counts (MVC) approached a high court demanding the political parties reveal the source of their funds.

MVC’s Janine Ogle confirmed this arguing that the voters being aware of the parties’ source of finance will help them make informed voting decision.

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“MVC believes that every vote must count more than the rands and the cents that in some cases amount to R1bn for some political parties.

When individuals, companies or foreign governments make financial donations to political parties. And, they become more important than the common voter or where their voice is heard louder and taken more seriously than yours and mine, then democracy is in danger.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that Right2Know campaign is in support of the agitation.

They pointed out that the Constitutional Court agreed that it’s the people’s right to know the source of the parties fund.

As such, MVC sent out a request to 13 political parties represented in the national assembly demanding they disclose the entities funding their parties.

“We received only four responses, and none of the political parties agreed to provide us with the information.

The vast majority of funding for political parties comes from private sources. And currently, not a single political party is willing to say who its funders are.

In the current climate, corporations, wealthy individuals and even foreign governments can buy influence and favors from political parties.

We want to know where it comes from. How much, does it come from a foreign government or from a businessman?

This lack of transparency must be challenged. Such secrecy not only fosters corruption and various forms of state capture. But also, undermines democracy in other ways,” Ogle buttressed his argument.

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Right2Know echoed Ogle’s sentiment. To them, if the public doesn’t know the parties’ sources of finance, they wont be aware of the possible interest clash and the factors influencing their parties’ actions.