Muvhango Teasers September 2021: What Will Happen Next?

The popular South African TV series, Muvhango, which airs on SABC2, Mondays to Fridays by 9 pm, is undeniably one of the most-watched and oldest airing soap operas. Despite being on air for over two decades, the soapie still receives an average of 4 million views per day. While maintaining its initial audience, it is obvious that it has also captured the hearts of the younger generations.

With over 3000 released episodes, fans still want to know what to expect from the episodes set to be aired in the next month. Well, Muvhango is yet to fall short of the viewers’ expectations, and in September 2021, they have upheld the standard that has kept them relevant all these years. Muvhango September 2021 teasers and episodes will only leave you wanting more, just like teasers and episodes of other months.

In August 2021, We Saw The Relationship Between Shaz and Andrew Come to an End

If you are earnestly anticipating the episodes of Muvhango that will be aired in September 2021, you absolutely deserve to be doing that because August 2021 came with many twists and turns that we want to see what happens next. In the opening episode (episode 3872) of the month, which aired on the 2nd of August 2021, we saw Shaz feeling over the moon about her date with Andrew, with who she seemed to be so in love. In the following episodes, her friend Rendani feels unsure of the intentions Andrew has towards her friend.

On the 23rd of August 2021, Shaz finally makes the difficult decision of bringing her relationship with Andrew to an end after he stood her up in an earlier episode. The news of their breakup does not come as a surprise to Rendani, who reveals that she saw the breakup coming. While all of these were happening, Shaz and Rendani were still busy finding an episode to train for their upcoming dance competition.

Between Susan and Azwindini, in Episode 3891, we saw Azwindini making efforts to bring Susan back home but unfortunately, things don’t go as plan. Finally, in the last episode of August, we saw Azwindini refusing to grant Susan a divorce. If we should continue with the gist about the August highlights, we could take the whole day, but the question now is, what would happen next? Will Azwindini grant the divorce?, will Shaz wish to get back with Andrew despite Rendani’s disapproval of the relationship? Hopefully, September’s episodes will answer these questions.

What To Expect In Muvhango September 2021: Teasers

The beautiful thing about Muvhango’s monthly teasers for each episode is that they are not spoilers, as they do not reveal in detail what would happen. Rather, they give you the tip of the iceberg and make you anticipate the episodes even more. Muvhango September 2021 teasers are out, and here is what to expect:

Episode 3894: Wednesday 1, September 2021

A young girl with her head over the clouds hoping for a whirlwind romance watched her dream coke crashing at her. Itseng is hiding something. Gizara’s request for Hangwani seems out of place.

Episode 3895: Thursday 2, September 2021

Ndiwavho plans to take her own life. Itseng’s family receives a threat from Mother. Hangwani gets pissed off at dance practice and walks out.

Episode 3896: Friday 3, September 2021

Ofentse decides to pay damages. Hangwani makes the tough decision of quitting her hobby. Itseng tells James a lie.

Episode 3897: Monday 6, September 2021

Tshenolo decides to acknowledge Ndiwavho as his daughter, a decision that makes Tendamudzimu feel threatened. Itseng rebels against her oppressors with unexpected consequences. Azwindini decides to break out from his boring life by making an unexpected choice to move to Vhutshilo’s horror.

Episode 3898: Tuesday 7, September 2021

James is conscious that Itseng is in danger but can’t figure out where he can find out and how to help her. Vho-Masindi plans on how to patch things up with Gizara and Hangwani. Azwindini meets a girl.

Episode 3899: Wednesday 8, September 2021

Boipelo’s ex makes an unexpected appearance and sweeps Azwindini off his feet to find himself entangled in what looks more than a lighthearted romance. Mother resorts to taking desperate measures to but time for the evil plans she has against Itseng. Vhutshilo makes efforts to become a better person but unfortunately realizes something bad about himself.

Episode 3900: Thursday 9, September 2021

After dancing all night, Gizara suffers back pain. Azwindini takes what he has with Boipelo to the next level. James gets an idea of where he may find Itseng.

Episode 3901: Friday 10, September 2021

Susan finds out what Azwindini has been up to in Johannesburg. Itseng faces more problems. Gizara is keeping something away from Hangwani.

Episode 3902: Monday 13, September 2021

Rendani meets a total stranger whose connection will mark a change in her life. Boipelo thinks Susan is a royal maid. Gizara gets a massage at the spa that relieves the back pain.

Muvhango Teasers September 2021

Episode 3903: Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Rendani spends the night talking with London, who asks her out, but she turns him down. Azwindini has a birthday party where he sneaks out to make out with Boipelo but suffers a stroke in the process. Gizara keeps something away from everyone, and Vho-Masindi begins to suspect something fishy when he disappears for hours.

Episode 3904: Wednesday 15, September 2021

Rumors about Azwindini’s death begin to spread around Thathe. London continues to make advances at Rendani, but she refuses to let go of her last with Hulisani. Vho-Mukondeleli suspects Gizara’s movement.

Episode 3905: Thursday 16, September 2021

Susan accepts to bathe Azwindini. Rendani decided to change her mind towards London. Vho-Mukondeleli is convinced that Gizara is cheating.

Episode 3906: Friday 17, September 2021

Susan gets furious. Rendani takes a leap of faith. Vho-Mukondeleli involves Hangwani to help confirm her suspicion about Gizara.

Episode 3907: Monday 20, September 2021

Azwindini discovers Boipelo’s betrayal. London and Rendani take their relationship to another level. Vho-Mukondeleli and Hangwani confront Gizara over sneaking around.

Episode 3908: Tuesday 21, September 2021

Rendani finally lets go of what she shared with Hangwani. Susan refuses to give Azwindini food. Gugu and Vhutshilo have successfully finished painting the nursery.

Episode 3909: Wednesday 22, September 2021

Susan quits looking after Azwindini, but he needs her help, so that he resorts to begging her for help. Vhutshilo expresses love for Susan, but she rejects his love and leaves him with an egg on his face.

Episode 3910: Thursday 23, September 2021

Mulalo comes back to the royal house, anticipates the family’s reaction. Boipelo seeks to know what happened to her car. All Rendani’s friends accept London except Imani. Vho-Mukondeleli can’t figure out why Vho-Masindi is more fit than her.

Episode 3911: Friday 24, September 2021

Vho-Mukondeleli finds out that Vho-Masindi has been cheating. After fighting with Azwindini, Mulalo’s house gets burnt down. London creates a gap between Imani and Rendani.

Episode 3912: Monday 27, September 2021

Mulalo feels offended by the refusal of the royal family to provide shelter for him when his house burns down. Several accusations are made, resulting in the end of a long-term friendship. Vhutshilo is willing to go any length to impress his crush.

Episode 3913: Tuesday 28, September 2021

Mulalo unveils a family secret that comes as a shock to everyone. Rendani and London dinner at Hangwani’s place doesn’t go as planned. Vho-Mukondeleli needs a partner at Waterside and gets an unexpected one.

Episode 3914: Wednesday 29, September 2021

Mulalo is deaf. London is not exactly in love with Rendani but is after her instead. Gugu lashes out on Vhutshilo.

Episode 3915: Thursday 30, September 2021

Royal elders express concerns that the chieftaincy is weak and vulnerable. Gugu and Vhutshilo get to the point of no return.

The First Episode Of Muvhango Aired in April 1997

The much-loved soapie tells the story of the royal Mukwevho family and has kept viewers glued to their screen every time it airs since the first episode aired on the 7th of April 1997. The soap opera produced by Duma Ndlovu and co-produced by Herbert Hadebe, Leo Phiri, Malebo Mokoena has each episode running for 24 to 26 minutes.

Muvhango Teasers September 2021

In 2006, Muvhango won the award of Best Soap Opera at the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA). The show, which airs on SABC, shows a contrast between the lives of the members of the Mukhwevho family and others living in Johannesburg and those living in Venda.

While Rendani, Imank, Gugu, Hangwani, James, their family members, and friends who live in Johannesburg face nepotism and violence in the corporate world, the royal family of Mukhwevho lead the people of Thathe in Venda but still have to deal with the numerous cracks in their family. 9 am Monday to Friday is still the time, and SABC2 is the channel where it airs, don’t miss an episode.

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