Muvhango Teasers January 2022: A Reveal of the Latest Episodes for the Month

South Africa has so many interesting TV shows, and Muvhango is one of the most popular drama series in Mzansi. It is also one of the most-watched, having been around for over two decades. It airs on SABC2 on Mondays through Fridays by 9 pm with 24 minutes to 26 minutes running time for each episode. The TV series is created and produced by Duma Ndlovu – alongside other producers who include Herbert Hadebe, Malebo Mokoena, and Leo Phiri.

To date, Muvhango has aired over 3000 episodes, which is a testament to the effort put in by its team of writers, who include Tsholofelo Ndlovu, Amor Tredoux, Nontuthuzelo Magoxo, Vusi Khoza, Awlani Makhuvha, Pamela Power, Sarah Smith, and Jacques Du Rand. Fans are yet to get bored with the storyline as the soapie records a viewership of 4 million per day. One fun fact about Muvhango is that it was first filmed in the Tshivenda language before being reproduced in other South African languages such as isiXhosa, Sesotho, isiZulu – and also English.

Here’s An Overview Of What Happened on Muvhango in December 2021

The December 2021 episodes of Muvhango saw an already married Azwindini propose to Gugu to be his second wife, and we also saw that snowball into a romantic triangle with Vhutshilo, Azwindini’s son, gunning for Gugu’s heart. Gugu seems to be more interested in the younger breed but will Azwindini let her off easily and without a fight? How well did the relationship between Gugu and Vhutshilo go? Does Gugu regret her choice? There are a lot of questions left unanswered in January – and here are Muvhango teasers for January 2022.

The Latest Offering On Muvhango Teasers For January 2022

Episode 3982: Monday 3, January 2022

Vhutshilo walks in on Azwindini and Gugu in bed together as they have their final romantic rendezvous. He doesn’t say anything as they did not see him. Tshireletso loses his mother and confesses to Rendani that he is the one that stole her money because his mother’s life was on the line. Rendani seemingly forgives him. However, she injects him with a deadly substance. After kidnapping James, Tenda threatens to kill him so that Moipone will look away. Mpho is tired of Tenda’s criminal tendencies and threatens to end their relationship.

Episode 3983: Tuesday 4, January 2021

Tenda is haunted by his action. Vhutshilo embarrasses his parents at their marriage vows renewal ceremony. After realizing that running Dukathole is not an easy task, Gizara apologizes to Hangani for thinking otherwise.

Episode 3984: Wednesday 5, January 2022

Azwindini is still hell-bent on having Gugu – this time, he has a choice to make. It’s either Susan or Gugu. Rendani is surprised when she finds out what Tshireletso told the police.  James is dazed by what Moipone tells him.

Episode 3985: Thursday 6, January 2022

There’s no convincing Azwindini otherwise as he makes up his mind about who he wants. It’s time for Tendamudzimu’s bail hearing. Mukondeleli receives a phone call about Mulalo and is shocked.

Episode 3986: Friday 7, January 2022

Susan will not take her rejection by Azwindini lying low. Mukondeleli feels bad about Mulalo’s departure, and Masindi tries to make her feel better. Bail does not spell freedom for Tenda as he faces another danger.

Episode 3987: Monday 10, January 2022

A mystery figure wants Tenda to pay the price for his offenses. Azwindini is feeling unwell. Mukondeleli buys an idea suggested by Masindi.

Episode 3988: Tuesday 11, January 2022

The question on everyone’s lips is what is the identity of the mystery Angel of Justice. Despite the opposition of the royal household, Masindi offers Mukondeleli his support as the latter embarks on the quest of rediscovering himself. Susan strikes but is perplexed when her effort doesn’t bring her closer to Azwindini.

Episode 3989: Wednesday 12, January 2022

Rendani lends her support to the call for Tenda to face justice. Azwindini is bewildered at Susan’s behavior. One of the Mukwevho matriarchs is disappointed as her dream comes crashing like a pack of cards.

Episode 3990: Thursday 13, January 2022

The royal house is no more for Susan, but she is not having it. There’s a chance of redemption for Tenda.  Hangwani is moving to Johanessburg, and Mukondeleli wants to tag along.

Episode 3991: Friday 14, January 2022

Despite Susan’s tantrums, Azwindini lets the royal family know that Gugu is staying with him. The video ticks Hangwani on the wrong side, and she threatens to fire any staff who watches it.

Episode 3992: Monday 17, January 2022

Tenda demystifies the identity of his kidnapper, who still evades the police. The people will have to decide what happens to Tenda, according to the Angel of Justice. Will money be the answer to all Gugu’s problems? Susan tries to use fetish means to save her marriage. Mukondeleli becomes friends with a customer, but there are other eyes watching.

Episode 3994: Tuesday 18, January 2022

Tenda has 24 hours to live, as 10% of the viewers are yet to come to a decision. Susan’s charms are slowly working on Azwindini. Detective Zuma makes a proposition to Mukondeleli concerning Spitjo.

Episode 3995: Wednesday 19, January 2022

Will Susan sign the divorce papers? Mukondeleli accepts the proposition and becomes a spy. Tenda makes a huge confession.

Episode 3996: Thursday 20, January 2022

The teaser for this episode is not available.

Episode 3997: Friday 21, January 2022

After Tenda’s confession, the onus is now on James. Azwindini refuses to entertain Gugu. Mukondoleli seems to have a breakthrough with her task on Spitjo.

Episode 3998: Monday 24, January 2022

James seems to battle with his conscience over his next move regarding Tenda. There is progress in Susan’s quest to win back Azwindini – is the charm working?

Episode 3999: Tuesday 25, January 2022

Azwindini becomes unavailable to Gugu as Vhutshilo turns his attention to her again despite the difficulty. Imani makes some startling discoveries about James.

Episode 4000: Wednesday 26, January 2022

Vhutshilo goes a step too far with Gugu, and she accuses him of trying to rape her. Will she go to the police? Mukondeleli and Hangwani meet Dukathole upside down. Tenda is alive after striking a deal with James.

Episode 4001: Thursday 27, January 2022

Vhutshilo is saved from making a grave error by Kgosi James comes clean about what happened with Tshireletso. A decision has to be made about Tenda by the MMC Board.

Episode 4002: Friday 28, January 2022

A big reveal unsettles the Motsamai household. Gugu decides to press rape charges against Vhutshilo. Rendani comes upon a sudden realization.

Episode 4003: Monday 31, January 2022

Rendani discusses with Tshireletso about her aha moment. Imani will have nothing to do with a crime. Will Gugu succeed in making Susan sign the divorce papers? Tenda stumbles on a crime scene while looking for Khakhathi.

Current Cast And Character Of Muvhango TV Series 

Muvhango Teasers January 2022

  • Gabriel Temudzani – Plays the role of Azwindini Mukwevho
  • Candy Magadimisa – Plays the role of Sharon “Shaz” Mukwevho
  • Maumela Mahuwa – Plays the role of Susan Mukwevho
  • Constace Connie Sibiya – Plays the role of Vho-Hangwani Mukwevho
  • Sydney Ramakuwela – Plays the role of Mulalo Mukwevho
  • Vhavhudi Lidzengo – Plays the role of Vhutshilo Mukwevho
  • Eunice Mabeta – Plays the role of Vho-Makhadzi Mukwevho
  • David Sebe – Plays the role of Vho-Gizara Mukwevho
  • Regina Nesengani – Plays the role of Vho-Masindi Mukwevho
  • Zonke Mchunu – Plays the role of Imani Nkosi-Motsamai
  • Dingaan Khumalo – Plays the role of James Motsamai
  • MacDonald Ndou – Plays the role of Khakhathi “KK” Mulaudzi
  • Tebatjo Mashishi – Plays the role of Kgosi Mulaudzi
  • Innocentia Makapila – Plays the role of Rendani Mukwevho-Mudau
  • Nathaniel Ramabulana – Plays the role of Tendamudzimu “Tenda” Mudau
  • Murabeli Rasalanavho – Plays the role of Vho-Mukondeleli
  • Sharon Seno – Plays the role of Marang
  • Bukamina Cebekhulu – Plays the role of Gugu Nkosi-Zikalala
  • Humbulani Tsharani – Plays the role of Mulimisi
  • Kingsley Ramabulana – Plays the role of Vhangani Ramasha
  • Azwimbavhi Litelu – Plays the role of Mpho Mudau
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