Muvhango Teasers December 2021: A Look at the Next Episodes for the Month

The Muvhango drama series has a captivating storyline, and the lineup for December 2021 will blow the mind of the viewers. The November episodes of the TV series had viewers asking more questions and eagerly anticipating what was in store for December 2021. If you missed out on the show, here is what went down last month on Muvhango.

In November 2021, we saw Azwindini and Gugu fall in love after they were trapped in a collapsed building. Mulalo has proven that he has no respect for women, and as he jungles several women, including Elelwani, Belinda, and Shumi. We also see Shumi confronting one of Mulalo’s side chicks as she battles for supremacy. There are a lot of questions left unanswered in November – and here are Muvhango teasers for December 2021.

The Latest Offering On Muvhango – Teasers For December 2021

Episode 3959 – Wednesday 1, December 2021

Azwindini feels ‘born anew’ after his close shave with death. Or is it the handwriting of his newfound love? Mulalo thinks he has found love, but it is not reciprocated. An effort to circumvent the law to retrieve her license backfires for Vho-Masindi.

Episode 3960 – Thursday 2, December 2021

Gugu and Azwindini feel romantically drawn to each other. Mukondeleli wants to give Vho-Masindi driving lessons. Because of Belinda, Mulalo stands up against the family.

Episode 3961 – Friday 3, December 2021

Azwindini, who is already married, throws the question of a second marriage to Gugu. Belinda disappoints Mulalo. Vho-Mukondeleli and Vho-Masindi reconcile and resume the driving lessons.

Episode 3962 – Monday 6, December 2021

Vho-Masindi finally gets her learner’s license. There is a tussle between Azwindini and Vhutshilo for Gugu’s hand in marriage. Is it possible that Mulalo can find love again?

Episode 3963 – Tuesday 7, December 2021

Events from the past haunt Belinda. Gugu makes a decision and tells Azwindini her decision. Vhutshilo can’t believe what the family has up their sleeves for him.

Episode 3964 – Wednesday 8, December 2021

Vho-Masindi loses her composure as she prepares for her driving test. The royal family cant hide their embarrassment over Vhutshilo’s wayward behavior. Belinda has some skeletons in her cupboard, which is about to be exposed when she receives a bouquet of flowers.

Episode 3965 – Thursday 9, December 2021

The player is about to be played as Mulalo has a mental breakdown due to Belinda’s viral post. Gugu is about to be married. Hangwani may lose Dukathole after she receives a letter.

Episode 3966 – Friday 10, December 2021

A feast is made for laughter but not this dinner party. Mulalo takes a huge step. An unassuming Kgosi is dragged into Hangwani’s mission.

Episode 3967 – Monday 13, December 2021

Teboho warns Belinda to stay off her family. Dukathole becomes Kgosi and Shaz’s day job. Azwindini is told by Gugu to leave her and Vhutshilo alone.

Episode 3968 – Tuesday 14, December 2021

Belinda realizes Teboho is not joking with his threats. Hangwani and Shaz are hell-bent on finding the missing inspector. What have Gugu and Azwindini just done?

Episode 3969 – Wednesday 15, December 2021

Gugu didn’t eventually succumb to temptation with Azwindini, but they were almost caught being cozy by Susan, who reprimands Gugu for interfering in Vhutshilo’s family. Mulalo cant get Belinda back as she has moved on. Vhutshilo steals Gugu’s engagement ring as he is in dire need of money.

Episode 3970 – Thursday 16, December 2021

Gugu covers for Vhutshilo after he gets into trouble with the hotel manager. Mpho can’t believe Imani’s mothering skills. Has Hangwani gone a step too far in trying to impress the inspector?

Episode 3971 – Friday 17, December 2021

Vhutshilo is finally evicted, and Gugu still comes to his aid – will she regret it? Hangwani is facing problems of her own for her hospitality towards the health inspector. The reason baby Kenosi is crying terrifies Mpho.

Episode 3972 – Monday 20, December 2021

Vhutshilo feels disrespected when Gugu doesn’t show appreciation for his effort. Mpho and  Kenosi are in a locked bedroom. Shaz and Hangwani find out they have not behaved politely to the real health inspector.

Episode 3973 – Tuesday 21, December 2021

Mpho does the unpardonable to save Kenosi, which causes pandemonium between the Mudaus and the Motsamais. Gugu is given a reality check regarding her romance with Vhutshilo. When Vuyi returns, Hangwani and Shaz are embarrassed over their attitude towards the health inspector.

Episode 3974 – Wednesday 22, December 2021

Vhutshilo could have done better than falling for a trap. Gizara is now in charge of Dukathole.

Episode 3975 – Thursday 23, December 2021

Mpho tries to stop James and Imani from adopting Kenosi after Mantwa permits them to go ahead, which makes them mad. Azwindini still has feelings for Gugu. Vhutshilo becomes a stripper on OnlyFans – and is cashing out. Gizara’s highhandedness frustrates Shaz and Hangwani.

Episode 3976 – Friday 24, December 2021

Mpho still betrays Imani and James. Gugu admits she misses Azwindini. Hangwani is leaving no stone unturned in her bid to get Gizara out of Dukathole.

Episode 3977 – Monday 27, December 2021

Vhutshilo is caught red-handed, and he tries to explain to Gugu. Tenda is shellshocked at what Mpho tells him. Rendani revises bad news. Hangwani and Shaz seek external help in Rendani to help them with booting out Gizara.

Episode 3978 – Tuesday 28, December 2021

Rendani has revenge on her mind. Vhutshilo is now employed. Hangwani sets Gizara up.

Episode 3979 – Wednesday 29, December 2021

Moipone blackmails Tenda to return the baby, or she’ll rat on him. Gugu reveals to Tenda that James is pulling out of MMC while Shaz convinces Hangwani to return home.

Episode 3980 – Thursday 30, December 2021

Will Gugu leave MMC with James and Imani? Tenda confesses to a murder, and Mpho wants to turn him in. Rendani had a vendetta against Tshireletso.

Episode 3981 – Friday 31, December 2021

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Hangwani and Shaz are back home. And a well-mannered girl defects.

Who Are The Producers of The Muvhango TV Show And Where Is It Aired?

The South African TV series, Muvhango, is created and produced by Duma Ndlovu, who also works as the executive producer. Other producers of the show include Malebo Mokoena, Leo Phiri, and Herbert Hadebe. The show is also written by a team of writers, including Awlani Makhuvha, Jacques Du Rand, Sarah Smith, Nontuthuzelo Magoxo, Pamela Power, Amor Tredoux, Tsholofelo Ndlovu, and Vusi Khoza.

Muvhango airs on SABC2 on Mondays to Fridays at 21h00. Its episode has a running time of 24 minutes to 26 minutes. Muvhango was first filmed in the Tshivenda language, but to showcase the beauty of South Africa’s diverse languages and rich cultures, the soapie became multilingual. At the moment, it has as part of its original languages, Sesotho, isiXhosa, English, and isiZulu.

Muvhango’s Cast Members and The Characters They Play

Muvhango cast members
Muvhango cast members (Image Source)
  • Gabriel Temudzani – Plays the role of Azwindini Mukwevho
  • Candy Magadimisa – Plays the role of Sharon “Shaz” Mukwevho
  • Maumela Mahuwa – Plays the role of Susan Mukwevho
  • Connie Sibiya – Plays the role of Vho-Hangwani Mukwevho
  • Sydney Ramakuwela – Plays the role of Mulalo Mukwevho
  • Vhavhudi Lidzengo – Plays the role of Vutshilo Mukwevho
  • Eunice Mabeta – Plays the role of Vho-Makhadzi Mukwevho
  • David Sebe – Plays the role of Vho-Gizara Mukwevho
  • Regina Nesengani – Plays the role of Vho-Masindi Mukwevho
  • Zonke Mchunu – Plays the role of Imani Nkosi-Motsamai
  • Dingaan Khumalo – Plays the role of James Motsamai
  • MacDonald Ndou – Plays the role of Khakhathi “KK” Mulaudzi
  • Tebatjo Mashishi – Plays the role of Kgosi Mulaudzi
  • Innocentia Makapila – Plays the role of Rendani Mukwevho-Mudau
  • Nathaniel Ramabulana – Plays the role of Tendamudzimu “Tenda” Mudau
  • Murabeli Rasalanavho – Plays the role of Vho-Mukondeleli
  • Sharon Seno – Plays the role of Marang
  • Bukamina Cebekhulu  – Plays the role of Gugu Nkosi-Zikalala
  • Humbulani Tsharani – Plays the role of Mulimisi
  • Kingsley Ramabulana – Plays the role of Vhangani Ramasha
  • Azwimbavhi Litelu – Plays the role of Mpho Mudau
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