Muvhango Teasers August 2022: What Happens in the Upcoming Episodes

Muvhango explores the stark contrast between rural and urban South Africa about inherent tenets and beliefs that residents of both areas believe to be supreme. This long-serving South African TV show focuses on the members of the Mukwevho royal family and how they constantly adapt to fit into an ever-changing society.

A Recap of What Happened on Muvhango in July 2022 

July begins with a banger as Azwindini and Tenda’s attempts at getting Susan to vote for their Mayoral candidates fail. When Susan is elected Mayor, she also refuses Tenda’s attempts to become her ally. This angers Tenda, and he devises a plot to set her up for the murder of the former Mayor.

As the series progresses, viewers see Susan survive several setbacks, which include losing a debate to the Matron. Tenda still bent on destroying Susan, enlists the help of Gizara to achieve his nefarious schemes. The villagers stage a protest against Susan, and she is forced to eat humble pie.

As July ends, Susan lands in hot water after becoming aware that her cousin Thifhelimbilu was awarded a fraudulent tender while Tenda offends James.

Muvhango Teasers for August 2022

August comes with a fresh batch of new episodes for fans and viewers of the show to enjoy. While we anticipate the live and thrilling scenes that are set to unfold in August, here’s a snippet of what will happen in the coming episodes.

Episode 4132: Monday 1, August 2022

Tired of running away, Thifheli has come to explain. Moho becomes aware that Tenda listened in on her discussion with James. Vhutshilo is angered that Zama is having fun in Kgosi’s company.

Episode 4133: Tuesday 2, August 2022

Susan might likely end up in prison. Imani and Mpho’s friendship could end forever.

Episode 4134: Wednesday 3, August 2022

Imani and Mpho reconcile. Zama and Vhutshilo are pissed at each other. Susan wants to quit her job.

Episode 4135: Thursday 4, August 2022

The royal family is disappointed at Rendani’s announcement. What appeared like the ideal strategy to end the feud between two warring factions ended badly. A young man seizes an opportunity.

Episode 4136: Friday 5, August 2022

Tendamudzimu lays out terms for Susan. Vhutshilo lands in Thathe, prepared for a showdown with his father. Oxford is showing his value to the Mudau household.

Episode 4137: Monday 8, August 2022

Tendamudzimu sends an email to Susan that points the finger at someone regarding framing her. Vhutshilo faces off with Azwindini with regards to his fling with Gugu. Oxford worries about Tendsmudzimi’s perception of him as lazy.

Episode 4138: Tuesday 9, August 2022

Susan and Rendani’s names are exonerated, leaving the question of who will take the rap. Oxford finds himself in a rather jeopardizing predicament with Mpho. Rendani reaches out to mediate the conflict between Azwindini and Vhutshilo.

Episode 4139: Wednesday 10, August 2022

Rendani and Susan get a summons to the Royal house. Tenda is saddled with the compulsory responsibility of picking up Ndiwavho from James’ house.

Episode 4140: Thursday 11, August 2022

Hangwani issues a divorce threat. Tenda’s jealousy towards oxford is clear to see. Azwindini wants to mend fences with Vhutshilo.

Episode 4141: Friday 12, August 2022

Mpho realizes that Tendamudzimu perceives her as a loose woman. Vhutsgilo gets an apology from Azwindini.

Episode 4142: Monday 15, August 2022

Tendamidzimu exerts more pressure on Susan. Azwindini does everything possible to prove a point.

Episode 4143: Tuesday 16, August 2022

Tendamudzimu hands Susan a condition that she will find difficult to meet. Tendamudzimu is blindsided by Mpho’s surprise for him.

Episode 4144: Wednesday 17, August 2022

Susan is surprised when Borosi asks her forgiveness for rigging the elections. Azwindini becomes aware that Rosemary has disappeared after jumping bail. Shaz’s decision to use Vho-Mukondeleli’s recipe book leaves Vho-Masindi in an unhappy state.

Episode 4145: Thursday 18, August 2022

Mpho’s frustration spills over when she can’t make sense of the voices she is hearing. Mpho’s strange behavior becomes an increasing source of worry for Tenda. Susan relates Tenda’s activities to Lowani, leaving the latter in shock. She promises to assist Susan, but Rendani sternly reminds them that Tends is a dangerous fellow.

Episode 4146: Friday 19, August 2022

Mpho converses with herself in just underwear which allows the embarrassed patrons to record videos. Vho-Masindi and Makhadzi cannot agree on the arrangements. Kgosi can’t make out who the number belongs.

Episode 4147: Monday 22, August 2022

Vho-Mukondeleli’s properties are distributed. Rosemary shows up at Mpho’s doorstep.

Episode 4148: Tuesday 23, August 2022

Mpho is whipped in her dreams. Rosemary ran off. Masindi becomes aware that someone siphoned money from Mukondeleli’s account.

Episode 4149: Wednesday 24, August 2022

Things get out of hand at the Mudau home. Susan has no idea about the catastrophe heading in her direction. Vho-Masindi’s attempt to find out more gets her in trouble.

Episode 4150: Thursday 25, August 2022

The identity of Rosemary’s sister leaves Mpho in shock. The mayor’s body is excavated. Vho-Makhadzi confesses.

Episode 4151: Friday 26, August 2022

Susan’s appointment with the judge is scheduled. Tenda finds justification to be suspicious of Zama. Vho-Makhadzi pulls Vhangani into her falsehoods.

Episode 4152: Monday 29, August 2022

Susan is taken into custody. Mpho engages in a ritual that will bring back Rosemary but is still surprised when someone shows up at their door. Azwindini is caught between a rock and a hard place in the choice between remaining detached or assisting Susan with the cops.

Episode 4153: Tuesday 30, August 2022

Vhutshilo petitions Azwindini to lend assistance in getting Susan out of jail. Mpho realizes that Rendani is ithwasa and that she is supposed to be her spiritual mentor. Vho-Makhadzi attempts to swindle money to gamble.

Episode 4154: Wednesday 31, August 2022

Tendamudzimu attempts to make Mpho believe that Rosemary is a fraud. Vho-Masindi instills uncertainty in the mind of Azwindini. Susan concedes that she lacks the strength to keep fighting. Her demeanor leaves everyone worried that she might take her own life.

Vho Makhadzi leaves everyone confused after deceiving Rendani with a cash donation. When she abruptly returns flush with cash, everyone becomes curious about how she got the money.

List of Muvhango Actors And The Characters They Play Muvhango Teasers January 2022

  • Dingaan Khumalo as James Motsamai
  • Gabriel Temudzani as Azwindini Mukwevho
  • Maumela Mahuwa as Susan Mukwevho
  • Zonke Mchunu as Imani Nkosi
  • Bukamina Cebekhulu as Gugu Zikalala Nkosi-Motsamai
  • MacDonald Ndou as Kathathi “KK” Mulaudzi
  • Nat Ramabulana as Tenda Mudau
  • David Sebe as Vho-Gizara Mukwevho
  • Regina Nesengani as Vho-Masindi Mukwevho
  • Azwimbavhi Rambuda as Mpho Mudau
  • Humbulani Tsharani as Mulimisi Negota
  • Kingsley Ramabulana as Vhangani Ramasha
  • Sydney Ramakuwela as Maulalo Mukwevho
  • Inocentia Makapila as Rendani Mukwevho
  • Connie Sibiya as Hangwani Mukwevho
  • Tebatso Mashishi as Kgosi Mulaudzi
  • Sharon Seno as Marang Phala
  • Vhavhudi Lidzengu as Vutsilo Mukwevho
  • Eunice Mabeta as Vho-Makhadzi Mukwevho
  • Angela Atlang as Itseng

Muvhango Premiered In 1997

Muvhango was produced by Word of Mouth Pictures and created by Duma Ndlovu. Other producers on the project include Malebo Mokoena and Leo Phiri. It premiered on SABC 2  on April 7, 1997. It’s been over 25 years since Muvhango aired, and fans still enjoy the show whenever it comes up on air. Catch fresh episodes on SABC 2 every weekday from Monday to Friday from 9 pm to 9:30 pm.

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