Muthambi Tells School Girls “BBB”- Books Before Boys


School girls at Peninghotsa High School have been called upon by the Minister of communication to consider their studies first before boys. The minister gave this injunction on her visit to Peninghotsa High School in Mtititi village near Malamulele, Limpopo Province.

The Honourable Minister of communication, who visited the school as part of visit to various schools urged the girls to be of good attitude. She also called on the girls to make their studies their priorities. She charged them to always go for their books before boys. Placing boys before studies at the secondary level might not yield productive results expected from them.

She said,

 “We do not want learners dropping out of school as a result of things that we can prevent such as teenage pregnancies and drug abuse. Girls, it is books before boys, let it remain so. Boys, stop chasing our girls, instead spend your energy chasing As.”

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The Minister’s visit is part of her department’s effort towards the ‘back to school campaign’ across the country. While addressing the students, she pleaded with the host community to ensure students are properly guided towards teaching and learning activities. She also urged them to ensure that loitering during school hours is brought down to the lowest point.

The minister took time in addressing various academic challenges. Moving further, she told parents to be careful about their children’s school choices. Which of course, comprises the distance of the school and also tuition fees.

“We see parents stretching their family budgets to send their children to schools in far-flung places. Children wake up extremely early and have to travel in unworthy road vehicles to attend school. We must improve the schools in our neighbourhoods so that they are attractive to pupils and their parents,” said Muthambi.

school girls

She also called on the host community to help keep an eye on the school properties. She posited that they should safeguard the school properties, having  it in mind that the properties also belong to them too.

“We also have to ensure that school infrastructure is used adequately to enhance student performance. Protect and preserve our school infrastructure, and guard against vandalism,”

“Please don’t buy that computer, TV set or gardening tools that have been stolen from your child’s school. If you buy them you are robbing your own child,”  the honourable minister added.

Meanwhile, the minister’s visit really restored hope to the drowning school. She noticed that the school was not in good shape. However, the principal of the school, said that the poor state of the school is simply devastating. She said that the school currently faces the problem of teachers, water and toilets. She said that despite the location of the school, it has always drawn many students from far and near for several years.

Relating to successes achieved during previous matric years, she said the school achieved 96 % in the 2012 academic year,  it also achieve a 100% pass rate in 2013, in 2014 there was an 88% pass rate, however, the percentage dropped in 2015 to 56%.

It would be recalled that last February, the school suffered a set back as it was hit by a hailstorm. This led to the destruction of a classroom roof and an outright withdrawal of large number of students from the school.

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