Musician Speedy Goes After Rappers Who Are Hooked On Drugs


After lashing out at South Africans and local celebrities who travel to the next district only to come back with a ‘fake’ American accent, musician Speedy has gone after rappers who are hooked on drugs.

The singer took to social media lash out at all the “n**gas” who feel they are better than him in the industry.

Without calling any names, Speedy lambasted artists who relied on drugs for performance and have since gone broke.

In the post which he has since deleted, he maintained that he knows them but wouldn’t expose them.

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“I know some n*ggas in the game who were once my friends, who are on this sh*t. They got gold plaques on their walls and all the awards but they are dead broke today,” he wrote next to a picture of someone snorting cocaine.

“It’s funny how they have the audacity to act like they are better than me? Like how? Get your life. Say no to drugs,” he added.

Musician Speedy

According to the rapper, his life is far much better than theirs even though they act all high and mighty.

Apparently, this is not the first time the rapper is calling out celebrities for whatever reason he feels like.

In September last year, outspoken musician Speedy called out celebrities who feign American accent when they are yet to leave the shores of Africa.

His focus at the time was on what he tagged “wannabe celebrities” on TV speaking in an accent from a country they’ve never been to. Taking to Instagram, Speedy had a bag full of shades aimed at these “wannabe celebrities”.

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“It’s funny watching some of these wannabe celebrities on TV with an American accent taking shots at me. But they haven’t been to America. Better yet, they can’t even afford a damn ticket to Cape Town,” he wrote.

The singer cited himself as an example, saying that he often travels to America, but never came back with an accent.