Musician Ntsiki Mazwai Fights For EFF Leader Julius Malema


South African controversial poet and musician Ntsiki Mazwai has poured scorn on people accusing EFF leader Julius Malema of instigating the ongoing fee protests across universities in the country.

Mazwai vented her anger on Malema’s detractors on the social media on Friday while responding to the numerous allegations levelled against the politician.

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The controversial poet, who is well-known for picking fights at will rather accused white media of distracting the blacks with baseless stories on the protest.

According to musician Ntsiki Mazwai, anyone who believes that Malema is the architect of the current protest is not just a fool but “a damn fool”. She maintained that the protests stemmed from students’ depression and oppression and not Juju.

EFF leader, Julius Malema has been severally accused of masterminding the current protests rocking universities nationwide. Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande was the first to hurl the allegation at Malema. Not long after, the ANC followed suit, pointing the EFF as a key sponsor of the devastating protests.

However, the accusations did not go down with the EFF. The radical party on Thursday hurriedly refuted the claims.

Lambasting the ANC in a statement, Malema reiterated that the EFF “fully” supports and will continue to support students’ struggle for a free education, just like it has always done since inception.

“It is the ANC that instituted violence against the EFF in parliament and have now legitimised it with trumped­up rules. Yet we remain peaceful because that is the character of the EFF.

We remain resolute that ours is a peaceful but robust engagement. If they do not blame someone else for their own mistakes, they resort to violence,” the party added.

Last week, in the heat of the growing protests ravishing universities in the country, Juju called on all students nationwide to join the protest because the only time to get the long-awaited free education is now. He also encouraged them not to allow police brutality suppress the noble cause, insisting that free education is possible.

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This year’s #FeesMustFall protest was ignited by Higher Education Department’s 19 September announcement – that Universities must determine their own tuition rates for 2017, with increases capped at 8%.

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