Musician Dr Malinga Is Determined To Break That No-Award Jinx


Not satisfied with the way things are going in the entertainment industry, musician Dr Malinga is out to break the jinx this year.

Malinga thinks his time to win an award is long overdue and he must get it done this year. Especially in the Song of the Year category which he believes should have gone to his hit song Akulaleki in 2016.

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Arguably one of the biggest hits in 2016, Akulaleki together with Babes Wodumo’s Wololo and King Monada’s Moreki, was surpassed by newcomer Mroza’s Van Damme for the SABC’s Summer Song of the Year title.

Notwithstanding, Malinga still nurtures hopes that his time to finally win an award has come. Apparently, this is what he desires most as a musician.

“As much as I know that I’m successful, you know, because success is something else, I don’t have to have a Lamborghini to show you that I’m successful, I know where I come from. But I wish to have an award.

“I know I have gigs but wish to have a Song of the Year [award]. I’m nominated already but just to win those. I failed to win the award that I wanted so much in my life because I once said to myself that ‘I want to win the Best Newcomer’ but I already came. I came and they nominated me after three years,” he explained.

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The musician has had at least one hit song every year since 2013 but is yet to receive an award for any of them. However, he believes the time to clinch that award is now.

For the most part, renowned musician Dr Malinga just wants a Song of the Year for his hit song Akulaleki. His second album Goodwill is reportedly doing well.