Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle’s Love Story and All About Their Age Difference

Fans were surprised when Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle admitted to the public that they were in a relationship. The duo started dating in June 2020, but they have kept that part of their lives private. Although she has been teasing her fans with mixed signals, such as displaying gifts and flowers sent from an anonymous admirer, it’s no more a secret that Zinhle and Mohosana are in a relationship, and from the images and gestures coming from the duo, it seems they are deeply in love.

They first came in contact with each other during a recording session of a mutual friend. They both claim that it was an instant spark from the first day they met. While many have been finding it difficult to believe the tales of love at first sight, the duo has let the public know that the stories are all true. It is believed that the couple is expecting a baby but they are yet to officially announce it to the public.

Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle Officially Announced They Are Together In December 2020

In December 2020, Mudah Bongz was the first to announce their romance publicly when he went to his Instagram to share an emotional post that professed his boundless love for Zinhle. He shared a prayer in Zulu, wishing his relationship with DJ Zinhle to remain smooth and successful. Zinhle replied to the post with the caption “say hello to my sweetheart”.

During Murda Bongz’s birthday, DJ Zinhle could no longer hide her feelings and posted on her social media handle an emotional birthday message to Murdah Bongz. She expressed how thankful she is for meeting him, and wished him a happy birthday by saying “I wish you a birthday that is beyond the world just as you are”.

The duo who has been dating for over a year had earlier denied claims by the media that suggested they were in a relationship. For a while, they succeeded in keeping the relationship known to only close friends and family. But in March 2020, during the launching of DJ Zinhle’s latest video Indlovu, she called Murdah Bongz her baby, and thanked him for his support.

Their 4 Years Age Difference Doesn’t Really Count for These Two

Murdah Bongz was born on June 9, 1987, and is 36 years old while DJ Zinhle was born on December 30, 1983, and is 40 years old. Thus, there is a significant 4 years age gap between them.

DJ Zinhle and musician Murdah have broken several status quo of celebrity lifestyle, first, they were able to keep their relationship a secret from the press, secondly, Zinle is 4 years older than Murdah and their relationship only seems to be soaring higher, proving that age is not a barrier. It is quite difficult to find a successful man who dates ladies older than him; hence, it has been an unusual path for the duo.

Zinhle has been criticized for what seems to be a trend; she has been accused of only dating guys younger than her. She is four years older than her ex ‘AKA’ and she is also four years older than her present lover Murdah.

Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle Are Expecting a Child Together

Zinhle who is focused on building an empire has tried to keep her relationship on a low key but love cannot be hidden for so long, it will eventually be visible to all just like the morning sun. Musician Bongani Mohosana and DJ Zinhle Jiyane are already expecting a child together. The duo is working on a tell-all documentary that may reveal the journey of their relationship, and also unveil how it has been during the period of pregnancy. Zinhle did a great work of concealing her pregnancy from the public; she had always hidden her baby bump from the public by wearing loose-fitting clothes.

Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle’s
Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle

A close source reveals that Zinhle has been happy with the journey so far and Bongz seems to be obviously taking care of her. Another source claims that the reason Zinhle is enjoying her pregnancy is the care and attention Murdah Bongz is showing her, this is something she didn’t experience during her previous pregnancy. It’s obvious that Murdah Bongz will make a good father.

The Couple’s Previous Relationships

DJ Zinhle’s previous relationship was publicized. She was in a relationship with a South African rapper, AKA, although the two were in a kind of on-and-off affair. Zinhle and AKA had a child named Kairo Owethu Forbes. In January 2020, Zinhle and AKA finally parted ways for good. After her relationship with AKA ended, she avoided revealing her love life to the public. So, it obviously came as a shock to fans when they found out that she’s been in a relationship with the Black Motion singer.

Aside from DJ Zinhle, another female who has been linked to Murdah Bongz is Thuli Phongolo. Rumors about the duo began going round after they stayed together in a Beverley Hills Hotel during Coachella 2020.

Overview of Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle’s Career

Murdah Bongz is the stage name of Bongani Mohosana, he was born in the year 1987 on June 9 and is presently 36 years old. He is a singer, music producer, and part of the duo in the popular Black Motion musical group. Before Zinhle, Murdah Bongz was in a relationship that gave him a son.

Ntombe Zinhle Jiyane, popularly known as Dj Zinhle, was born on 30 December 1983 and is presently 40 years old. She started her career as a TV presenter in 2004 and never had the desire to become a disc jockey (DJ). She claimed it was her brother’s passion for mixing vinyl that ignited her desire and passion to become a DJ.

She became popular due to her outstanding performance as a resident DJ on a dance show called Jika Majika. It was a youth dance show and was aired on SABC 1. She also made a collaboration with iconic South Africa music Icon ‘Boom Shaka’ to produce a hit album ‘I Put It In’. She featured other popular artists like Mphoza, Khanyi, Dr. Malinga, and others. Her single “Umililo” became a hit, gaining up to 5.1 million streams in 3 months. Her hit was certified three times as platinum by the Recording Industry of South Africa, it was also voted the best song of the year in 2019.

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