Mind Blowing Municipal Expenses Revealed!


The increasing amount of money lavished on municipal expenses including membership fees, postal and courier services, telecommunications, security and rentals in municipalities across the country is indeed mind-blowing.

An eye-opening report revealed in Statistics SA’s latest financial census of municipalities released earlier on Wednesday throws more light on the exorbitant municipal expenses being made in the country.

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Though lower than the R1.4-billion was spent on the same services in 2014, municipalities spent about R813-million in 2015 on hiring plant and equipment.

On rental of land‚ buildings and other structures, municipalities increased their expenditure from R1.1-billion in 2014 to R1.2-billion in 2015.

Municipal expenses on rental of office equipment has also parachuted from R231-million to R260-million.

Now if you are thinking what is going on here? then this will shock you even more. On  telecommunications services which include cellphone allowances, municipal expenses experienced an upsurge of R6.9-million to R1.01-billion.

And in the wake of increased disturbances in the country, it is not surprising that the costs of security services increased from R203-million to R1.4-billion.

Municipalities also saw an R11-million decline in cost on pharmaceuticals to R122-million.

As part of the plan to ensure quality education and employment for youths, more money has been invested in training and education which saw an increase in the costs by R6.9-million to R686-million.

Subscription and membership fees costs also increased by R32-million to R415-million, while other costs related to the operational and services environment of municipalities increased by R2.6-billion to R22.4-billion.

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Still on unusual expenses. Democratic Alliance (DA) alleged that the City of Johannesburg, under Mayor Parks Tau has spent R13.8 million of public money on campaign adverts for the upcoming elections between the months of April and May this year.

DA said the adverts has nothing to do with any matters of public importance. 65 percent of the aforementioned amount indicated, was spent on promoting city officials like the Mayor and Finance MMC, DA alleged.