Doctors Present Perth Mum With Shocking Surprise After She Gave Birth


A young mother from Carramar in Perth, Western Australia has given birth to a record breaking baby weighing approximately six kilograms. The 5.9kg baby is almost double the size of a normal newborn baby.

The young mum Breanna Sykes said her baby was a big surprise literally, though as at the time she went into labour, doctors warned her to expect a big baby but they had no idea it will be this big until the 5.9kg baby arrived.

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From her hospital bed at Joondalup Health Campus the proud mother of the 5.9kg baby said:

“It was a very big surprise. The doctor would not induce me (at first) but then measured me on the table and said he thought my baby would be about eight or nine pounds.

“My waters broke, and I was fully dilated, but the pain was too much. I was having an anxiety attack so they had to put me under anaesthetic. When I woke up they told me I had a 13.2 pound (5.9kg) baby.”

This Australian newborn baby Ziad Sykes really tipped the scales at approximately six kilograms, surprising everyone including the doctors.

Meanwhile, Breana Sykes who must have bought a lot of tiny baby clothes like every other expectant mother, will not have any need for them as her baby appears twice as big as he should be. Weighing 5.9kg and measuring 57cm, Ziad could easily be mistaken for a three month old baby.

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The mother of the 5.9kg baby warned,

“As soon as you get him into your arms have a dead arm; he is very heavy.”

From reports so far, the newborn might be the biggest baby ever born in the whole of Australia.

 Breanna said:

“I have had 15 doctors come visit me when they found out how big he was. Most have said he was the biggest newborn they have ever seen. One of the doctors said to me he’s the biggest baby he has seen in his 15 years as a doctor.”

Below is an amazing picture of Baby Ziad Kadic who weighs 5.9kg with Baby Jaisal Purewal who weighs 2.8kg. Both were born two minutes apart.

5.9kg baby
Baby Ziad Kadic weighing 5.9kg pictured with Jaisal Purewal weighing 2.8kg.

The doctors confirmed that he is in a perfect and healthy condition.