ZANU-PF Reveals Plans To Make Mugabe’s 92nd Birthday Bash The Biggest Ever


Despite rumors of a heart attack and a possible dethronement, plans are on ground to give Zimbabwe’s legendary leader President Robert Mugabe the best birthday bash ever. Reports say that preparations for the yearly feast would be held in Masvingo, the capital of Masvingo province. The town lies close to Great Zimbabwe which appears to be a national monument in Zimbabawe.

Robert Mugabe is a household name in Africa and beyond  for being one of the oldest leaders in Africa at 92 years. Born on 21st February 1924 near the kutama jesuit mission in the Zvimba District Northwest of Salisbury in Southern Rhodesia. He became a leader of one of the rebel groups against the white minority rule. In 1980, he was elected the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, an office he occupied till 1987 when he became Zimbabwe’s first executive President. Truly, the African leader’s rule is also a milestone in the history of Zimbabwe because he is one of the longest serving presidents in Africa and the only president Zimbabweans have ever known. President Robert Mugabe will turn 92 next month and his party has set plans rolling in order to make his birthday a memorable one.

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It would be recalled that there were rumours in the country earlier this week that Mugabe had a heart attack while on holiday in the far East with his family. The alleged death of Zimbabwe’s president made waves on Facebook after an “R.I.P Robert Mugabe” page went viral. Thousands of fans shared  their sadness while others remained skeptical since there have been several reports about Mugabe’s fake death. However, his spokeman George Charamba said “A rumour that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has suffered a heart attack is a “grim lie”. In his speech, he further said “… You cannot doubt that there will be a story on the President’s alleged death every January”.

Robert Mugabe birthday cake

The Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) is Zimbabwe’s longest ruling party. The party has been in power since 1980. President Robert Mugabe led the party since 1975 first as a prime minister and then as a president in 1988 when the white minority rule ended in Zimbabwe.

Several birthday parties had been held in honour of President Robert Mugabe. It would be recalled that last year’s birthday party was held in Plush Victoria Falls and the party cost an estimated 1 million dollars. ZANU-PF’s provincial chairman- Ezra Chadzamira on Wednesday said that this year’s birthday party bash would be held in the Southeastern Masvingo Province for the first time. Thousands of Zimbabweans are expected to grace the occasion as usual.

Previous birthday parties in honour of President Robert Mugabe were held in the stadium where thousands of supporters gather. Meanwhile, reports said that “mobilising resource” deadline had been set for the yearly event.

Mugabe’s annual birthday parties are organized under the auspices of “21st February Movement”.  In Zimbabwe, the “21st February Movement” is the country’s ruling party youth body named after President Mugabe’s birthday date.

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