Mugabe’s End Looms, Soldiers And Police Join Protest


Reports have it that Soldiers and police in Zimbabwe are set to join the protest demanding the removal of Uncle Bob as the President of the nation.

The ancient leader of the Southern African country has always enjoyed the cooperation of the nations’ forces to remain president.

Although the big-shots of Zim’s forces are yet to resist the authority of Mugabe’s government, common officers are pissed with the government’s persisting failure to pay their salaries. 

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Now, they are considering joining the protesters to strengthen the call for Mugabe to leave office.

According to the reports, one Zimbabwe Republic Police officer disclosed that he’s decided to stop taking orders from his superiors to arrest protesting civilians.

“Despite being law enforcers, we know corruption is the root cause of these problems,” the officer reportedly commented.

Similarly, a Soldier indicated that the protest is ideal because they also suffer the economic hardship of the country.

“We have families to look after” he said. “So the protests that you are seeing here setting Harare alight have involved some of us.”

While a good number of the nation’s police force are still striving as obligated to manage the protests, a flight air commando from Manyame Airbase called on the police to quit using force on the civilians.

The air force commando complained about salary issues and charged: “my warning to the police is that they must stop using force against civilians, otherwise we will soon take up arms to defend the masses.”

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Meanwhile, Mugabe’s party, Zanu PF said it will deploy its youth to help the police eradicate further protests against Mugabe’s government.

“We are the ruling party and we can’t allow them to continue to do that nonsense. As the youth, be ready to deal with them when they call for protests.

“Next time they call for any demonstration we will also be in the streets to help the police to arrest them,” Zanu PF’s Kudzai Chipanga charged the Youth League members of the party.