Mugabe Wants To Castrate People Who Rape Children In Zimbabwe


Apparently, the rape problem is not peculiar to South Africa alone. Zimbabwe is having issues with the crime and reports have it that the old leader of the nation is working to establish the proposal he made about tackling the crime at Great Zimbabwe Monuments on the 26th day of the previous month.

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Mugabe reportedly proposed on the aforementioned date, when he was celebrating his 92nd birthday, that rapists be castrated. The ancient president remarked that it’s disgusting to rape, and even more disgusting when children are the victims. Something needed to be done to deter the perverts perpetuating the crime, Mugabe stated.

He inquired; “what sex impulse is it which gets one to abuse a little child?” With that, he wondered what would be the most suitable punishment for the offenders.

“Can you suggest how such brutal monsters among us that rape babies should be punished?” Mugabe asked and answered his question, screaming – “burdizzo!” Burdizzo is a surgical instrument used to castrate animals. “We should make them oxen, some people should be made oxen,” president Mugabe added.

He nevertheless, pointed-out that organizations that parade themselves as human right groups wouldn’t stomach his plans for the perverted beings molesting and raping kids.

“Human rights people will say it is too severe,” Mugabe said. But then remarked that “Sharia Law says if you use your hand to steal, that hand must be cut off. Now you use what to abuse the child? I think that which you use should be cut off.”

He jokingly added that after he slashes-off what they use in raping the children, the offenders are free to “get an artificial one.” Many supported Mugabe in this, Southern Eye reports.

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