Failed Plots To Oust Zuma: President Mugabe Has A Word For South Africans


The outcome of the parliamentary no confidence vote against President Jacob Zuma may not be welcomed by a lay number of South Africans, especially for those who looked forward to a quick end of the Zuma era, but for Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe, ANC remains the best fit for South Africans.

The President of Zimbabwe reportedly reacted to last week’s parliamentary vote against Zuma saying, whether South  Africans like it or not, his country will always be supportive of the Zuma administration.

He said: “…ANC and President Jacob Zuma; whatever the South Africans or some from Zimbabwe might say about him, we will just relate to him in a proper way as he is the current President of the ANC,”

“It is with the ANC that we have, for a long time, had a partnership. It is that which we continue to relate to; with those either in Zambia, Angola, South Africa. (They) remain our comrades because we were in the same trenches with them.”

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The comment from the nonagenarian comes at the time Zuma is celebrating his victory over plots to unseat him.

On Saturday, August 12, Zuma also made mention of his survival from opposition’s ploy to “poison” him while hitting in his plans to deal with those cabinet members from the ANC who were parts of the coup.

President Jacob Zuma says African National Congress Members of Parliament voting with opposition parties in an attempt to have him removed as President puts the ANC into serious disrepute.

Quoting the ANC’s constitution, Jacob Zuma gave some insights into what he felt needed to happen to MPs who failed to toe the party line as instructed by ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe

“You decide to use your conscience. Unheard of, you were sent there [to Parliament] by the ANC,” said Zuma of those in the ANC benches who sided with the opposition.

He said millions who had voted for the governing party found themselves on a “knife’s edge” on Tuesday.

“Anything could have happened,” said Zuma, adding that he would meet with ANC officials on Monday for their regular meeting.

On Tuesday, August 8 the ANC managed to defeat the eighth motion of no confidence against Zuma by a narrow margin.

The party’s representatives at the parliament had 198 votes against the motion, while nine people abstained from the secret ballot and the opposition got 177 votes, 151 members of the opposition managed to get 177 votes through the assistance of some in the ANC caucus.

Jacob Zuma vowed to raise the issue with the ANC’s top six in his capacity as president of the party. He read out sections of the ANC Constitution which detail what should be done to members who supported plots against fellow members.

Zuma said: “A serious offence shall be committed by any member acting on behalf or in collaboration with a political organisation or party other than an organisation or party in an alliance with the ANC.”

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Meanwhile, Free State party chairperson Ace Magashule has called for those MPs in the ANC who voted against President Jacob Zuma to resign voluntarily.

“It makes sense when the party has given you a particular direction and you take another route, what do you expect? You want us to expel you. Why don’t you voluntarily resign?” He said while speaking at the ANC’s cadres assembly in Parys.