Mugabe Squeezes Diamond Firms Shrinking Purses Over Birthday Bash


President Mugabe’s birthday fundraising committee has knocked on the doors of Chiadzwa diamond mining firms. It is clear that Manicaland’s 21st Movement fundraising committee is out to fulfill ZANU-PF wishes; which is to make Mugabe’s 92nd birthday bash the biggest ever.

The party holds in Masvingo province at the end of this month. Prior to this development, the party said that the huge sum of $800 000 is expected to be raised for the annual jamboree.

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Manicaland’s 21st Movement fundraising committee spoke through its leader Taurai Chiripamberi saying the movement had targeted various stakeholders in the province outside diamond mining firms. Reports say Zimbabwe’s diamond mining firms have been sponsoring the ruling party’s private events for some years.

Irrespective of the fact that most companies in Zimbabwe have been experiencing financial crisis, the party youths said it would not deter them from actualizing their set goal. The committee leader Chiripamberi said,

“We are targeting various stakeholders. District administrators are facilitating us to meet various stakeholders so that we map the way forward, because we are going to host a fundraising dinner on the 20th of this month.’’

Speaking also, a source within the party’s youth league said,

“Companies are struggling, but we are now targeting diamond firms. Some of our members visited the diamond mining firms in Chiadzwa, as we are trying meet our target.”

“The members visited all the diamond mining companies and they indicated that they are struggling. We have arranged a dinner, where we will be selling tables to raise the required funds.”

Reacting, Trevor Saruwaka, an opposition member of the Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai (MDC-T),  Manicaland province expressed dismay that ZANU-PF had put the priority of the party before that of the suffering masses.

“This is more evidence that our rulers’ priorities are misplaced. Companies in Zimbabwe generally, in Manicaland specifically, have shut down and the remaining few are closing shop because of disastrous policies,” he said.

“The reality today is that companies are struggling to pay their workers and most of them are in arrears.

“Instead of raising money for the bash from diamond mining companies, they should be appealing to the diamond companies to feed starving people in the province,” said Saruwaka.

Meanwhile, the birthday committee has reiterated that the fundraising raising party would hold at a local hotel on 20th February. And, the party would be putting up tables for sale. A diamond table will be going for $20,000, a gold table was valued at $10,000 and a silver table would be sold at $5,000.

Diamond firms squeezed over mugabe's birthday bash

The Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) is Zimbabwe’s longest ruling party. The party has been in power since 1980. President Robert Mugabe led the party since 1975 first as a prime minister and then as a president in 1988 when the white minority rule ended in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe is known for hosting lavish birthday bashes, despite the country’s economic problems.

Last year’s birthday party was held in Plush Victoria Falls and the party cost an estimated 1 million dollars.

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