What Did Kenya Do To Piss Uncle Bob Off?


Mugabe’s opinion about Kenya’s Parliament is super interesting. Uncle Bob believes his country’s economic condition is better-off than that of Kenya, and that the country “is a land of jokers”.

Circulating reports have it that the old leader lashed-out at Kenya when he was asked if Zimbabwe will emulate Kenya’s Parliament and make more provisions for Women Representatives.

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Responding, Mugabe said it’s ridiculous to allow such. To him, laziness is the inspiration behind the calls for such arrangement. Kenyan women should earn the offices through ballot, Mugabe told a gathering of women leaders in Harare.

“Are you referring to Kenya? the country that says it is economically better than us yet their President is always abroad begging for money? That is a land of jokers,” Mugabe stated.

According to the ancient leader, Kenya “is the only country in the world that has political slots for women who have nothing to do but idle and gossip in parliament.

These women must be very lucky. No wonder they become so powerful and disrespect their men,” he added.

“You see,” he went on. “You can’t have a situation where you already have 47 women in parliament that are not answerable to no one. For parliamentarians, they have constituencies to run. Who does these Women Representatives in Kenya serve?

Funny enough, I hear that they want 90 more women to be added on those that are already available.

How do you run a country that is flooded by idle women only talking about their husbands and boyfriends?”

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“Is that a gossiping house or a legislative house? That is the reason why they are always ranked as the most corrupt countries in the world,” Uncle Bob argued.