Mugabe-Malema War: PAC Describes EFF As London Stooges


More criticisms have reigned on the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) following the ongoing Mugabe-Malema war which started after the party leader branded members of  Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF party cowards for not ensuring Robert Mugabe’s resignation as President.

The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) joined in slating the party and its leader in a statement, saying “London Stooges EFF was introduced ‘to halt progress both in occupied Azania and the entire continent’.

for “insulting” Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

All these ensued from Malema’s call on Mugabe to step down because “he can’t even lift a spade”. This, the EFF leader said, was because of Mugabe’s old age.

Malema was speaking at a press conference on Monday when he lashed out at the Zimbabwean president saying he has ruined the ideals of the African revolutionary project by “overstaying” as President.

“President Mugabe must let go. The legacy of the land question (is at stake). We are following in his footsteps.” said the EFF commander-in-chief as he accused Zim president of destroying his own legacy.

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Reacting to this, the PAC, who has since likened the EFF to “London stooges” who are “brought and introduced to disrupt progress”, formally apologized to the angry Zanu-PF  for Malema’s remarks towards Mugabe, and hoped “that the unfortunate assertion by the ‘handled’ will not tarnish our natural relationship which we have developed over the years”.

“Since the early 1960s during the decolonisation of African states until to date, we have been infiltrated by London stooges, who are brought and introduced to disrupt progress.

“EFF was introduced to halt progress both in occupied Azania and the entire continent, and they are doing a very good job.

“We are convinced that the public relations [PR] team surrounding Malema is misleading him to suggest that to get continental glory he should insult and attack the African martyr of the liberation movement, a man who continues to undermine white supremacy and white monopoly capital from the core, unlike impostor.

“His PR team worked very hard to discredit Mr. Jacob Zuma in order to popularize him, so the man is just too ambitious to climb continental ladder at the expense of Mr. Robert Gabriel Mugabe,” PAC said about Mugabe-Malema war.

“The congress also claims Zanu-PF is being attacked for its political belief just like the PAC was assaulted by foreign worlds. It called on the ruling Zimbabwean party never to listen to their enemy “because they always have narrow agendas for their personal gains.

“The PAC and AZAPO were targeted because they spoke for the African child against exploitation, degradation and exclusion. We were told never to talk about land because it was irrelevant.” said the congress who noted that the same people who ‘advised’ them never to talk about the land question guided the EFF to take up the issue in order to garner support and votes.

“We are of a strong view that this London party called the EFF undermines regional committee [Sadc], and it further undermines the legitimacy of President Mugabe and that of the Zimbabwe as a sovereignty as defined by independent territory, government, people, etc.”

 The ZANU-PF lord, a Zimbabwean member of parliament, Psychology Maziwisa, has earlier addressed the Mugabe-Malema war, calling the EFF leader as a “little and irrelevant man” trying to gain support.

“… he is nothing more than a shrunken, talkative joke. His preposterous claim that his treacherous, pro­-white, neo­-colonial politics find inspiration in the figure and politics of President Mugabe is a hard­-to-suffer insult.”Said Zanu-PF’s Maziwisa who also noted that the two parties will never have anything in common.

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Meanwhile, Zanu-PF’s opposition party’s registered its gladness in the Mugabe-Malema war, applauding the EFF leader for his comment against Mugabe’s everlasting leadership.

“We are very glad that Malema was blind before and now sees. We thank Malema and hope other leaders across Africa would be like Malema and call a spade, a spade,” said Zimbabwe’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

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