Mugabe And Family Lashed Over Foreign Medical Treatment


Reports have it that President Robert Mugabe and his household are being verbally lashed for their preference of foreign medical treatment over those the country can offer.

While some of the critics indicated that the old leader and his family ought to practice the patriotism he always preach, others were pissed because to them, Mugabe’s mal-administrated Zimbabweans health system to its present trashy status, and as such, ensured the masses get lesser-than-noting health services. Whereas Mugabe and his family fly out to get foreign medical treatment for the most trivial health issues.

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As gathered, the harsh criticism started after Mugabe disclosed that his daughter, Bona Mugabe-Chikore flew-off the country to get maternity attention from foreign “medical doctors she is familiar with”.

Speaking, People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Mugabe “…claims that Africa is for Africans and Zimbabwe is his, yet his grandchild is not even a citizen of Zimbabwe by birth. The granddaughter is a dual citizen of another country as it is.”

Similarly, NewsDay reported that Vivid Gwede – a political analyst said Mugabe’s daughter travelling to Asia to give birth ridicules the patriotism he flag about.

“He should be proud to have his daughter give birth at a Zimbabwean institution. What it all shows is that he does not have confidence in local health institutions. This confirms the problem we have always had about the leadership of this country. They don’t trust the institutions they are superintending on,” Gwede stated.

Also, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said: “although he (Mugabe) routinely preaches about the virtue of patriotism, it appears Mugabe and his family have very little regard for local medical institutions. One wonders why the Mugabe family doesn’t just permanently migrate to the Far East. They seem to be very comfortable staying in far-away places…

It boggles the mind why Bona Chikore, who is ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe, will fly all the way to the Far East simply to give birth. We have got some very advanced and well-equipped maternity hospitals right here in Harare and one just wonders why the Mugabe family always invariably prefers to travel abroad for all their medical needs,” Gutu added.

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