“Mugabe Is Suffering And I Am Prepared To Suffer For The People Of Zimbabwe” – Grace Mugabe


It’s known to all that Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe for a very long, long time. The 91-year-old President would no doubt desire to rule the country eternally. But certain things are beyond his control. Old age has caught up with the president, and he can do little to improve his aged mind. With his falls which are more frequent these-days, the old leader generated a lot of talks about who’s to succeed him when he quite recently, delivered a wrong 25-minute long speech through to the end at the opening of parliament.

Then, many speculated that the President’s wife will be the next leader of the country after the husband has had enough of leading Zimbabwe, or been called away. The speculations came alive again as Mugabe’s wife who is currently touring the country ahead of the ruling party’s annual conference in December, stated that she’s “prepared to suffer for the people of Zimbabwe” while addressing an audience at Mataga growth point in Mberengwa at the Midlands Province.

The President’s wife related that her husband, despite being regarded as the richest president in Africa by numerous media outlets, is poor and suffering from the burden of Zimbabweans in search of economic emancipation from the oppressive Westerners. President Robert Mugabe is “just a simple man passionate about the suffering people of Zimbabwe…Mugabe has committed his life to suffering, and he is suffering for you” She said, and inquired; “where have you seen a person who commits their life to suffering for other people?”

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While emphasizing the popular believe that Mugabe is super-rich as lies, the first-lady revealed that during the inception of land reform in the country, “some white farmers thought they could come to me because they thought, since I was young, I could be bought, they offered me $10 million and I refused. I am prepared to suffer for the people of Zimbabwe,” she added – a statement many have described as a hint and confirmation to her quest to lead the country after her husband.

Regardless of the Grace’s cries of sufferings and her description of the pains associated with staying at the State House, a good number of the country’s citizens have severely rebuked the first-lady on social media for her claims, pleading with her and her family to quit suffering for the nation. 

Reacting to the first lady’s statement, Obert Gutu, the spokesperson of the MDC-T insisted that the first lady’s statement is “a gross insult to the suffering people of Zimbabwe.” He stressed that for the President’s wife “to falsely claim that her family is poor when the first family’s lifestyle is well in tandem with the rich and famous is not only offensive, but extremely insulting to the suffering people of Zimbabwe.” Similarly, Rugare Gumbo, a former Zanu PF spokesperson, while commenting on the first lady’s speech, reportedly stated that he “didn’t know if they are suffering or rich, but you can judge for yourself from the opulence in which they are living and tell me if that is poverty.”

Meanwhile Grace is equally heavily criticized for saying women who wear mini skirts should blame themselves if they are raped by sexual perverts. According to her, “If you walk around wearing mini skirts displaying your thighs and inviting men to drool over you, then you want to complain when you have been raped? It’s unfortunate because it will be your fault.”

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