President Mugabe Enjoined By Teachers Union To Share His 92nd Birthday Fund To The Needy


President Mugabe’s birthday bash holds few days from now. However, the much-anticipated presidential birthday bash has attracted calls from the teachers union.

A report on Tuesday said that the union has glaringly called on President Mugabe to donate the fund garnered for his upcoming 92nd birthday bash to help provide food for poor Zimbabweans.

According to New Zimbabwe, Mugabe has been asked to lessen the pains of Zimbabweans who are currently witnessing an intense and severe food shortage. He should therefore, utilize the 800 000 dollars realized for this year’s birthday party to secure food items for Zimbabwean citizens. According to statistics, one million souls in Zimbabwe are being whipped currently by severe hunger owing to the devastating drought.

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Reports said that according to the 2015 Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (supported by government, UN, donors and NGOs), in the first three months of this year in Zimbabwe, an estimated 1,5 million people would require assistance with food.

The much-anticipated birthday is being organized by ZANU-PF and will hold in February at Mucheke stadium in Masvingo. Masvingo town will host the party for the first time because previous presidential parties were held in stadiums.

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However, the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe maintained that said it would be “embarrassing” for President Mugabe to organize a “lavish party” in Masvingo province since the province is among the areas going through the pains of severe drought in Zimbabwe.

Lending credence to their views, the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe through its president charged President Mugabe to imitate  president John Mugafuli of Tanzania who recently made waves by restructuring the affairs of Tanzanians. Reports said that Mugafuli came up with measures designed to curtail irrelevant and flamboyant expenses in the country. The president reportedly banned supererogatory visit by government officials, and independence day celebration. This move, he believed will pave way for greater attention towards the eradication of cholera disaster in the country.

Takavafira Zhou, who is the president of the teachers union was quoted saying “I think we must copy from Tanzania president”. 

“Our president needs a few tutorials with the Tanzania president so that we could convert that money into useful use by buying food that should be distributed on non-partisan grounds, or channeling that money to paying civil servants bonuses or even the health sector,” said Takavafira Zhou.

Also, Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has also slammed the president for putting the people’s welfare below his birthday bash. Kurauone Chihwayo who is the party’s spokesman said ” The MDC is greatly concerned with the endless looting of state coffers by the tired regime to finance lavish birthday party for the first family”.

Zimbabwe Mugabe Birthday Celebrations

Furthermore, Jacob Mafume of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) condemned the flamboyant-nature of the party but however opined that the presidential birthday party of president Mugabe has come to stay since it is now his nature. He said ” For people to expect Mugabe and his people to do logical and sensible things to look for a fish on tree”.

This party has gone mad. The height of lunacy is unparalleled in the history of nations”.

“That they have no conscience, that they cannot suspend some of these festivities, that they have been celebrating over and over again is a testament of their insensitivity towards the suffering of Zimbabwean nation and it’s people”. Mafume added.

Also, an analyst Ibbo Mandaza expressed dismay at the current economic situation in the country. He further said,

“They don’t care. That is the biggest tragedy that we have as country, and our political leaders do not care about the welfare of our people,”

“In the past 10 years, we have had this economic crisis, but this has not stopped Zanu PF from holding a big bash, bigger each passing year. It’s an insult to the people of Masvingo, who are suffering, but it does not stop Zanu PF from partying in the sea of poverty.” analyst Ibbo Mandaza said.

President Mugabe is still away for his annual holiday in the far East. That notwithstanding, has not deterred his party members and organizers from putting up plans towards his birthday party, which they substantially said “it is going to be the biggest ever”.

It would be recalled that a swooping sum of $1m was spent for his 91st birthday party, which drew men of timber and caliber from all walks of life to Zimbabwe.

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