Mugabe Attacks Judges Over Approving Another Protest


BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the ancient leader of Zimbabwe gave the nation’s judiciary a taste of his wrath over the approving of further protest against his government.

Following several protests calling on Uncle Bob to vacate office as the leader of the Southern African country, Mugabe’s government placed a ban on all rallies and protests.

The agitators however, approached the court to challenge the official ban on rallies.

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As learnt, Tendai Biti, a lawyer and the leader of the People’s Democratic Party is behind the legal challenge to the latest ban on protests.

Biti indicated that Mugabe is violating Zim’s constitution and intimidating the judges to hold on to power.

Speaking to Reuters, Biti said: “what Mugabe is trying to do is breaching the constitution by assaulting the judiciary and by trying to cause direct and indirect fear into judges.”

Biti’s statement follows Mugabe’s utterances about the nation’s judiciary.

The Court hearing is set happen today. But, Uncle Bob has already, warned against the approval of further demonstrations saying it would amount to recklessness on the part of the country’s judiciary.

Reporting this, Aljazeera confirmed that Mugabe warned judges against acting with disregard for peace by permitting further demonstrations.

“We can’t allow that to continue (and have) these violent demonstrations unimpeded. No, enough is enough!

“It is not just we the ordinary people who should have the understanding (of the need for peace). Our courts, our justice system, our judges should be the ones who understand even better than the ordinary citizens.

“To give permission again when they are to the full knowledge that it is going to be violent or probability that there is going to be violence is to pay reckless disregard to the peace of this country,” Aljazeera quoted the old leader.

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The anti-Mugabe protest gathered momentum last month.

The protesters said they can no longer tolerate the mismanaging of the economy, corruption, delay in the payment of salaries and the hardship that comes along with all those.

Police efforts to disperse the protesters yielded litter outcome forcing the government to place an official ban to such activities across the country.