You Wont Believe The Horrible Things Mugabe Plans To Do With Zim’s Olympic Team For Failing to Win Medals


The 2016 rio olympics is few days gone with a number of African countries counting their winnings in gold, silver and bronze medals. But for the Zimbabwean olympic team, circulating report says President Robert Mugabe ordered the arrest of all participants from Zimbabwe immediately they arrived the Harare International Airport.

Mugabe gave this order to the Commissioner General of Zimbabwe Police Republic, Augustine Chihuri, telling him to arrest the entire team for not bringing home any medal from the Olympics.

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Angered by the poor performance of the team, the president said the 31 athletes should be detained for wasting the country’s hard-earned wealth and bringing nothing in return.

Mugabe lashed out:

“We have wasted the country’s money on these rats we call athletes. If you are not ready to sacrifice and win even copper or brass medals (referring the 4th and 5th positions) as our neighbors Botswana did, then why do you go to waste our money.

“If we needed people to just go to Brazil to sing our national anthem and hoist our flag, we would have sent some of the beautiful girls and handsome guys from University of Zimbabwe to represent us.”

Team Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s participation in the 2016 Rio Olympics marks the 10th time the country has taken part in the competition after gaining its independence from the former Rhodesia.

The Zimbabwean Olympic team went with 31 athletes but were unable to make it to the top five in all the sport categories it participated except in one of the categories where it came 8th position.

Mugabe pointed out that the huge sum used to sponsor the team to the summer Olympics could have been used to address important economic challenges or even used to provide amenities and build schools.

“This situation is like an impotent man who is married to 5 women, what is the essence?”

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He concluded by saying that each member of the Zimbawean Olympic team will pay back the money even if it takes 10 years.

“And so, now it turns out to be a soft loan we have given them to go and visit Brazil as tourist; they are useless,” he said.

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