Mtunzini Councillor Boasts That His Ward Is Violent Free


The ward Councillor for the coastal hamlet of Mtunzini Keith Powell, boasts that his ward is free from any form of politically related violence as has been the order of the day for most wards in the country, especially as the nation draws nearer to a controversial election.

The Mtunzini Councillor who is a member of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) said Mtunzini hasn’t had disruptions and service delivery protests in a very long time most importantly in the past 15 years of his service as the Councillor

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The Mtunzini Councillor went on to explain that the lack of unrest in his ward has helped boost business dealings of a community bound by goodwill.

“This is a happy community. There is a lot of support where it’s needed. We haven’t had in this town any marches or burning of tyres and disruptions that goes on generally. We just don’t have that here and I feel privileged to stay here.”

Powell said that the village had a lot to boast about

“We are passing in the region of R4m worth of new building plans a month for a small town,” he said,

“This is a very vibrant town with an extremely active residents association and they have their finger on the pulse of everything.

Most part of south Africa has turned out violent raging from political unrest and various other protests for social amenities. Places like Pretoria has on several occasions, been paralyzed by Violent protests which have left at least two people dead.

One of the most recent event that took place was when ANC supporters reacted angrily to the party’s announcement of its mayoral candidate for Tshwane, the municipality that includes Pretoria.

Protesters, who have torched buses, blocked roads and looted shops, told local media that they supported the incumbent mayor and resented another candidate being brought in by party leaders.

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As the country goes closer to the election period, analysts are of the view that the country might be gearing towards a political tough time which might plunge the country into another war.