Mtolo – The Accountant Gardener Has Been Hired!


Just last week, a KwaZulu-Natal woman had made it her sworn mission to find a proper job for her gardener Bongani Mtolo who surprised her when he told her he was a qualified accountant who turned from accountant to gardening in order to support his family.

The story of Bongani Mtolo has spread across South Africa and the world at large after the woman who gave him a job as a gardener – Luyanda Sikhakhane, 30, posted Mtolo’s story on Facebook hoping that he can get a real job soon.

“I have made it my mission to try and help him find a job because he is a pleasant young man. Even before I knew about his qualification, he was diligent, humble and dedicated.”

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She said Mtolo was dedicated and punctual to a fault. “He would knock at my door at 06:55 to start working at 07:00. I would get annoyed because we are still asleep at that time on Saturdays”

“Can you imagine what he will do with a real job?

Mtolo had completed his National Diploma in accounting, a BTech in cost and management accounting and a certificate in Pastel accounting, but had no luck in finding a good job in his field. Instead, he was working odd jobs to make ends meet for himself and to help his family. He was the only employed person in his family.

The story was featured in Berea Mail last week and it succeeded in reaching thousands of people, many of who shared his story on their social media platforms and that was how it spread like wildfire. Many people commented that they shared the same predicament and wished Mtolo luck in finding suitable employment.

This week, we are happy to hear that Mtolo has told the Berea Mail, who originally wrote his story, that he has now been offered a job by Calvin and Family Group in Umhlanga.

“The company contacted me and offered me a job, I didn’t even have to go for an interview! I am very happy!” he said.

Amazing and touching story for job seekers out there to learn from. Never give up the chase and take whatever job you find yourself doing seriously irrespective of your qualifications.

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